21 April 2007

Flickr Fun

My favorite green

We got down to some serious napping around here today.

I named him ugly-faced cat. He chose us, but fears human contact.

Like it.

Kahuku shrimp farms calling to my father from across the sea.


Thomas got this brilliant new camera for graduation and his talent is soaring high and showing no signs of stopping. The link above is to his Flickr page which he updates frequently so check it out!

We are having a lazy weekend and I like it. I had a couple of girls over last night while a couple of husbands were at a show playing their music. Well, Diana's husband was at a party with Myra at the elementary school in all fairness, but you get the idea.

I'm getting excited for our trip to the mainland- let's get together OK?


Roeckers said...

What talent!!

Love it. The pictures on his site are fabulous. Love the lines and angles.

What brand of camera did he get?

Stephanie said...

Thanks! He got a Nikon D40 (whatever that means :)) I guess it is basically in between amateur and Pro.

Roeckers said...

Uhhhh, that is the one I wanted but Jake got a Canon instead. I love Nikons! I am jealous

Ashley said...

Was Thomas hanging from the ceiling to get that picture? Yes, let's hang out when you come to the mainland.

Emily said...

Steph, when are you coming? I'll be in Bako (for the last time -- mom's moving to Boise the first week of June) May 30th-ish. I hope you will be there... If not, I'll just come to Hawaii. Darn.

Stephanie said...

Yes! I will be in Bakersfield from May 19th until the first week in June. The second week in June we will be in Utah and then on the 19th it is back to Hawaii. Let's play!

Jesse and Rebecca Jones said...

cool pictures and hooray for the visiting the big chunk of the country!

Natalie said...

I love the pictures! Thomas is talented for sure.

Roeckers said...

R U going to be seeing Grandma Hill while in UT?? Let us know we would love to see you and your little one. We will be around most of June, we will make a trip to grandmas...it has been a while since we've seen her. See if you can fit us in to some fun

Stephanie said...

We will definitely be seeing grandma hill while in utah- my parents are taking us so they are calling the shots- but I cant imagine a trip to utah without a little g-ma time- we would love to see you guys! come on over- I think it is the second week in June.