22 October 2007

aside from being a threat to national security

we have had a pretty normal week. i just really flatter myself that my son has seemingly refined and discriminating tastes in music for such a young age when his eyes light up at sufjan stevens and bishop allen... but foodfest rolls into laie, bringing not only the finest foods from various polynesian, asian, and micronesian coutnries... but a bass pumping collection of island reggae, jawaiian, and hip hop jams. i have never seen ambrose so excited and animated ... dancing the night away to "1 dolla, 2 dolla, fitty dolla bill" (or whatever they were saying...i sound like a grandma) and i am reminded that he is just a baby who likes a lot of noise and lights. silly music aside, foodfest is a favorite event of mine on campus- i recommend the fijian roti and the fillipino club's plate deal. had to skip on the curry this time...you know, the whole nursing thing.
threatening photographer 2007?
thomas is back to being a drummer again and all that comes along with that: practice, shows, loving life.
i am happy for him and even prouder that uy took first in their category at this competition one night at MaiTais (fancy shmancy club where the boys have to adhere to a dress code- they just opt for black button up shirts and jeans though with black shoes... pretty easy). here's some clean-sahven boys at a coffee talk show- you seriously look sharp boys!

i spend my days trying not to work too hard and soaking it all in with my son: the good, the bad, and the ugly. the two bottom teeth are here to stay and causing less trouble now, the boy is back in his crib at night, and we have adventures all day long as we learn and grow together. i haven't been getting much work done, but let's be honest, where do my loyalties really lie? i didn't have this boy so i could ignore him as i crunch numbers and stress out about paperwork. life is all about raising ambrose into a decent human being and enjoying every moment of that venture even when it's hard. good thing there is no hidden nanny cam in our apartment-- it dawned on me this morning that it might be kind of embarrassing if anyone were to walk in on all the made-up songs, dorky dancing and other wild shenanigans i perform several times a day just for a jack-o-lanter grin and a hearty baby chuckle.
watch those cheeks flap in the wind!


star said...

I loved reading this post Stephanie! It is so great to hear your thoughts on motherhood and your priorities. Ambrose is #1, right up there with Thomas... and where does paperwork rate? WAY down on the list! Love it!

Ali Flegal said...

I am right there with you regarding the silly songs and dance moves. Do you remember when you tried to give me dance lessons in 311? I was (and still am) an awkward dancer. Eliza has been blessed with a sense of rhythm - so I am holding out hope! Great post and it's exciting that you're married to a drummer!

Natalie said...

I would love to see the silly songs and dance moves. Just wait until the sad day when he rolls his eyes at you and tells you to stop. :-(

I only have one child left who will indulge my crazy moves!

Boo Face McJones said...

glad to hear someone else making the obvious (but so easily forgottent) statement that paperwork really isn't the fundamental root of who we are as human beings.
i needed that today.
i heart you and would pay good money to watch your nanny cam (too creepy?)

Melissa said...

i'll bring the popcorn, boo. we can watch steph-o-nanny-cam right before antm tomorrow.

Melissa said...

Your so funny! I like the picture of Ambrose and his "cheeks flapping in the wind". How cute.