24 October 2007

If our ancestors had text messaging they would have said this same exact thing.


This evening in text messages...

S: practicing?
T: Laying down my new song and it is turning out really good!
S: nice. im probaly going to sleep in a sec. good nite.
T: Okay love you!
S: i love you too


S: still playin?
T: Almost done.
S: ah sportss.
T: Good old fash sportss.
T: What did i tell you about yeppers?

Later still...

S: the gap photo contest came and went. we could have been rich and famous. could have.
T: Next stop baby banana republicss.
S: more like big & tall (for babies with that Xtra chunk)
T: More like big dogs.
S: more like BIG dawgzz.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

you're funny thomas- i am glad this is up here for future posterity. they will never have to assume what their ancestors sent by text to each other.

Bille said...

Yes Stephanie, this is the reason why I insist that we keep our texting relationship going strong.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i couldn't agree more

micah said...

Sorry you guys missed your opportunity to have the next Gap Baby. We will let you know what its like when Simon wins.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh man! let us know for sure!

star said...

I too am glad you have this documented.

Melissa said...

you guys keep me hoping that getting married will be cool after all. unless of course you have to be cool in the first place...in which case i'm hopeless.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

no, actually we are living proof that you most certainly dont have to and should not be cool in the first place!