25 February 2008

in fact here are my plans:

Leave Honolulu Mon. 6/9 @ 8:30PM

Arrive in Las Vegas Tues. 6/10 @ 5:20AM : have a girly party for ash on this day

(drive with family to Utah a couple days later)

ash becomes mrs. jones on sat. 6/14

(drive back to las vegas with family a day or so after)

Leave Las Vegas Tues. 6/17 @ 6:10PM

Arrive in Honolulu that night


Adam and Brittany Greene said...

i am so excited for you to get here!

Natalie said...

I am so excited to see Ambrose again! And you too for that matter.

Bille said...

So, how am I going to work it out that I get to see you?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

come to utah! it'll be a gay old time!

ps- we were at pcc all day and then fhe... hence no call. tomorrow then?

jill said...

thanks steph for booking on my travel website!!!!

you rock.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

no problem! it was seriously the best deal by over $100 that i could find. if you need some sort of testimonial- i'll back you up girl! :)