07 April 2008

i guess i can get on with my life now

i did it. i finally (after much prompting from so many people i have lost count) read all three books in the twilight series and i am so glad!! i usually resist the urge to get caught up in the next great literary fad, but i didnt this time around and man was it fun. ambrose got really accustomed to his mom being all sprawled out on his bedroom floor throwing treats, her cell phone...whatever he wanted in his path so he would just play while she enjoyed the next action sequence or (be still my heart) edward scene... ah, edward. haha! if you read it, you know what i mean.

speaking of dream boats- i get to go see thomas play drums this weekend! woo hoo!

oh, and family, i purchased a new airline ticket for ash's wedding this afternoon. just about $160 more than before. could be worse.


Adam and Brittany Greene said...

oh steph - YEAH! call me and give me your info. we are excited to see you.

diana said...

oh edward indeed. i finished the third book last week. we've got some discussing to do.

Ali Flegal said...

Edward...mmm....ooh baby, oh baby. Let me know when you're ready for a listing of the best fan sites, updates on the movie filming, etc. My favorite - twilightmoms.

I am a HUGE nerd. It's okay. I am aware of this.

StepheLynne said...

So I take it you'd recommend these books? I've always wondered if they were good just because the covers are pretty and she spells her name like I do! But I figured those weren't good enough reasons to read them. I haven't heard about them from anyone else!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i will call you today britt: answer your phone!!! :)

ana- yes, les talk! i didnt think you would read this kind of book- you know all the hype and whatnot- i am delighted!

ali- poor thomas has heard more about edward in the last week than any husband should... haha! one day i told him he looked like edward is his handsome black button up shirt and i totally meant it. sad. also, i have made a twilight play list on my iTunes that includes a lot of songs from stephenie meyer's website. i am a huge nerd as well!

maybe we could start a twilight blog... haha!

diana said...

i knew you'd be surprised i'd read it. i was eager to reveal my dark secret. i'm making martin read them, and now we share all kinds of vampire humor.

and speaking of neglect, i was reading the end of book two while putting myra to bed (patting her back, sitting by her while she wiggled), and all of the sudden she says,
"you're in big trouble mom."
me: "why honey?"
-"because you no listen to me. you a naughty mama."

i was so ashamed. i said sorry (she said it was okay), immediately put down the book and laid by my little girl.

AJ said...

Should I? Should I really take the plunge and hit the book craze?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

read it people! read it! you wont be sorry. :)

echoallred said...

oh edward!! such a dream. i am just glad that i have someone to obsess with me on this. i have just been dying to talk about it (as you know all too well). may 31 first chapter and cover revealed, august 2nd book release, dec 12 movie premier. i seriously can't' wait!!