08 September 2008

how nice of you

a couple people asked what they could bring on wednesday. i was thinking that those who wanted to could decorate cupcakes or sugar cookies while the kiddos play.

today i bought (notice nothing is made from scratch cuz that's how i roll):
4 cupcake mixes
4 things of frosting
food coloring for frosting
a couple things of sprinkles
a few tubes of decorating gel
a few tubes of decorating icing
a bag of starburst jelly beans and a bag of gummy bears
a thing of paper plates for people to take their treats home on

so, yeah, bring stuff to decorate cupcakes with
bring cupcakes
bring frosting
bring sugar cookies if you prefer those over cupcakes
bring something to share
bring your 6th grade diary to read aloud

or bring NOTHING - we just want to talk, play, and have fun! see you wednesday!


ashley said...

i have to go to the stupid dentists that afternoon.
sad. sad. sad.

Bille said...

wish i had a baby i could bring. with I was in Hawaii, because if I was I would come and I might bring a doll, since i don't have no baby.

echo said...

haha, 6th grade diary. haha.

liko said...

ha! steph -- i bought two box mixes AND 2 frostings yesterday too!!! you should have designated people to help out, because you bought tons of stuff!!! crazy girl! maybe i can pre-bake a batch and then bring them over ready to decorate?? that's gonna be a whole lotta cupcakes!! our husbands will be happy with leftovers!

liko said...

by the way -- did you decorate all those cupcakes in that picture?? so nice! i have made my share of cupcakes but i have never been able to make them look as pretty as those! maybe tomorrow i can learn how to 'beautify' my 'cakes

Melissa said...

haha!! I love that picture...I'm 99.99999% sure that you got the picture off the internet, right? No self respecting person would take hours to decorate cupcakes all differently and beautifully for a bunch of toddlers...anyways the point of this comment was to tell you that, that picture made me salivate.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

haha! i did not make those cupcakes... but it would be cool :)

yeah, i thought i was buying a lot of stuff but i was thinking, "i would much rather have way too many cupcakes (yum yum) than not enough (sad)"

bille- no baby required and you would be the cherry on top... quick, check flight prices!

liko- i am going to make pretty much all of them before people arrive so they will be ready to frost and decorate! thanks for buying that stuff- we are gonna have so much fun!

darcie said...

will you guys set up skype for me so i can attend? i'll bring my own cupcakes.

The Cutlers said...

You are such a fun hostess! I hope you have fun!

Adam and Brittany Greene said...

just FYI my kids make me go to your mates of state post in May (the video with animal masks) ALL the time and have done so for months. they LOVE it.

Anna K. said...

I'm excited to come today! Yipeeeeeee