23 September 2008

this is how he's growing

we went to the doctor yesterday for ambrose's 18months checkup:
29lbs, 34 inches tall, 49 cm. head, 80th percentile weight, 95th percentile height. he also told me to try and get him a big boy bed and start potty training... i feel like i dont have the energy for that when my life is so easy now. :)
here's something thomas wrote on his family website about the boy and his tricks these days:
Lately Ambrose has been:
Learning to jump
Playing the ukulele
Learning animal noises
Learning parts of the body (eyes, nose, mouth, ears)
Climbing on everything
Making some pretty funny faces
He loves to give kisses and makes Stephanie and me kiss by pushing our heads together.
He is dragging his feet learning real words, but he is obviously understanding what we say to him (Put it in the trash. Go lay down so I can change your diaper. Are you ready for bed? Put it back. etc...)

We are pretty pleased because for about two weeks now he goes down for the night without any fuss. We just tell him to go get in his crib and he goes to the crib and tries to climb in. After we put him in he may or my not lay down. If he doesn't I just tell him to lay down and he arranges his blanket to his pleasing and lays down. It is really sweet.


Audra said...

He is getting so big! Wow, potty training sounds like a lot of work. I think I'll change diapers for a few more years!

Maylin said...

He looks like such a little boy, no longer a baby! Cute shoes!

ashley said...

once again...those shoes are perfect.
i like that little boy, a lot.

Melissa said...

ahh, I will have to agree that those shoes are super!

Ambrose is a GOOD listener maybe he could teach a thing or two to my monster (said lovingly of course).

as always your pictures are so fantastically inspiring!!

linds, Seth and Baby Rae said...

I'm impressed!! How do I make sure Rae catches onto that whole puts herself to bed thing? Sounds ideal! That's hilarious he puts your heads together to get you to kiss.

Emily said...

Mr. Ambrose! If you get potty training figured out, let me in on your secret!

Alli said...

I enjoy those shoes as well...and what a cute little boy haircut!

Becky said...

It's true. Ambrose gets cuter every day.

I'm so scared for potty training and a new bed. Seems like so much to take on at once. =/

That reminds me to schedule Connor's 18 mos appt. I'm terrible at that!

diana palmer said...

i can't bear it...

when did your little kevin arnold (see first pic, i don't know why, he looked so grown up and mr. arnold came to mind) appear?

it is so fun to imagine you and tim tam communicating with him. i can't wait until i know ambrose well enough that he can always count on me to slip him treats when his parents aren't looking.

and he weighs more than myra! oooh, can't wait to see how those two get along. sparks and toys and fists will fly!

about potty training, and i'm sure you'll get advice on it from now until the deed is done, but i've "heard" that if you start before the kid is physically ready (i.e. can tell when he/she actually needs to go to the bathroom) it can really hurt you in the long run because they don't understand why its not working, get frustrated and give up until age 4 or something. i've also heard of potty trained 1 year olds, for what its worth. with myra we waited quite awhile for the "right time (2.4 years about)," and then it was only a matter of weeks before she had it down. my friend started at somewhere before age 2, and at age 3, her little one was still struggling. this could be useless to you, but now you know.

Keoni and Sheila said...

hooray for cute kids! He is getting so big. Good luck with the potty training when you come around to it.

In.A.Nutshell said...

i love these pics. and huzzah to you for potty training ... i seriously need to get on it. amby is so adorable!

Shauna said...

He sure has a mature look in that pic! My two cents on potty training (I've done it a few times . . . ): WAIT UNTIL THE CHILD IS READY AND TAKING THE INITIATIVE!!! If he's 18 months, yea for you. If it's not til he's three, that's okay too. But otherwise you will be training yourself, not the kid, and you will both be pulling out your hair. I'm also a big fan of leaving them in their crib as long as possible too. Sorry to be going against your pediatrician's advice!! I really just logged on to check in on you cause I was missing you. Never planning to weigh in on parenting topics. Sorry!

Devin and Shira said...

I wish Ambrose wasn't sleeping last night so he could come to Anna's party! I love his shoes!

lizzie said...

He does look so grown up. And he and Mr. Simon seem like they would get along great to me. Maybe you should move to New York so we can find out for sure. :)

Ashley said...

I love how your cropping on that picture. So creative.