21 December 2008


want an onslaught of holiday themed photos? here are some festive things we have been doing over the last week or so.
nsmh christmas party

december lunch ladies at windward mall

family walk down our street to look for christmas lights (check out that baby bump...)

na kamalei end of the session preschool paina

ambrose insisted on taking a picture at the party- this cracks me up (i guess he's trying to show me what he sees up in his face all day long- haha):

honolulu city lights (thomas had the idea to take the family out there one night and ambrose was SO EXCITED the whole time- running from display to display and clapping and saying, "yeeeahhhh!")

and now we have grandpa and grandma hawkins visiting! the fun never ends around here.


The Cutlers said...

Love the pictures Steph! What a cute baby bump!

Roeckers said...

Fun times! You are looking good.
Love the lights. This year we are going to be unable to see all the lights in town (we chose a FHE with the a few ward members tonight instead, and I work/have worked all the other nights). Thats one of my favorite things to do- is see the lights and displays!
Merry Christmas!

Natalie said...

Love the pictures Steph. Ambrose is such a little boy now. Do you show him my picture every night so that he doesn't forget me? Have fun with mom and dad!

Brady and Rachel said...

What fun you guys have been having, and what a cute pregnant mommy you are!

Marcus Lane said...

it looks good even with out the snow! It hasn't stopped snowing in days here in UT!!

liko said...

oh, the Christmas lights in town -- me and my family did that every year growing up. i am trying to make that a tradition in my little family. so pretty. looks like fun! and steph, you're always so purdy, if i haven't told you already!

Alli said...

Why is Ambrose so freakin' cute? WHY? Oh my gosh, I am dying. I love him stripes.

StepheLynne said...

It looks so WARM there!!