05 November 2009

thankful for bedrooms and a new bathroom too!

oh yessiree framing is coming right along, roofing put on, plumbing being worked on as i type this, and i just found some charming possible bedspreads and rugs on target.com. this is so much fun. wanna see?

here are some pictures of the framing of the stairs and the addition. you can get a good idea of what the house will look like once those stairs are actually in...etc.

the painter came and did everything he could do at this stage of construction so a good portion of the house is now a lovely green color.

the rest will of course be painted green as soon as it exists. :)
ambrose and asher's room is the front bedroom with a big window that gives them an upclose view of that ulu tree you can see in this picture:

my sister-in-law saw this picture and commented that she likes thinking of them looking out at the ulu tree and feeling like they live in a tree house- i love that! so fun!
here is the bathroom, not much to look at now, but a little bigger than the old one and boy do we have some fun plans for in there.... just you wait!

and finally, the master bedroom:

isn't she a beauty? i feel ready to move in today. i won't mind the draft.

yesterday i braved the ladder and went up there for the first time since the stairs were knocked down and i just had to take deep breaths i was so excited. i could just see it all organzied like we have been planning. the paint colors, the wall hangings, all the finishing touches (yep, both of those) we have been gathering and working on.

i looked at the little kitchen that i have already cooked so much in and pictured myself whipping up a nice sunday dinner with the apron melissa made me. :) and the rug i found today would compliment the sewing cabinet so well- right next to the "keep calm and carry on" poster i just got in the mail (thank you good day sunshine ladies!) i want to move in NOW!

it's nice to live with my in-laws because they help me out a lot and they are very gracious, but it will be so wonderful to just be our own little family again and in a very stylish new little place too!

today i am thankful for my in-laws for letting us be their first tenants in a most awesome new living space.
i can't wait!


liko said...


i can't wait to see it all done up in your lovely style!

Carrie said...

I want that stinkin rug right this very minute. You have such good taste! Come decorate my house!

Kahilau said...

HOW FUN IS THAT!!!!! So happy for your little family and I love the idea of them having a tree house! It is so true!!! What a blessing in your lives. Have fun!

Rach said...

wowzers. that is awesome looking. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. And what fun for that Ulu tree. awesome!!1

laurel said...

I clicked on every single link. Hehe.. you really got into that...eh? But, really, how exciting and fun!