12 November 2009

we've spent the better part of the last nine days indoors

first asher had a weird virus for a week, then i had it for two days, and now ambrose is green booger city. but we will be better tomorrow i hope!

i don't know how people stay inside all day. we're going a little crazy.

but really it has been nice to have a reason to simplify life by hanging around home more lately. we've been reading a lot. including some library books that i was so happy to find because they are books from my childhood:

and i decided to start a little experiement and see if a wild two year old would sit through a chapter book. i was going to start with james and the giant peach since i have read that that is the first chapter book you should introduce to children, but instead i found the original peter pan by j.m. barrie in a great edition with hand-drawn black and white pictures on just about every other page.

i didnt think he would sit through it, but he totally does! we talk about the pictures briefly and then i read. if he ever seems to get restless then we talk about the pictures some more or i say, "are you done?" and he always begs for more. i love hearing him say, "one more tractor!" (meaning "chapter" haha) it has been a lot of fun.

i read at least one chapter before bed, but usually two or three now that he has gotten used to sitting and listening and is enjoying it so much. he's even talked me into reading a chapter at nap time. needless to say, we are almost done and i'm having as much fun as he is.

i love barrie's style of writing. thomas read to ambrose one night when i was at sewing class and commented that the book is enjoyable on many levels. i had to make ambrose sit through the chapter i missed that night again just so i wouldnt be left out.

in other words, we are loving it.

the publisher is dalmatian press for anyone interested. small children like ambrose obviously wont absorb everything and understand it all, but can follow along through the pictures and pick up on the story as they listen and start to put things together. i have been amazed. oh yeah, and the best part? i found this at borders on sale for about $2 i believe. i am going back soon to see if they have any others since we are almost done with this one.

anyway, i love reading but it was time to get outside today before we lost our minds so we headed out! and made it partway down the street. and then my little peter pan got distracted. by a split open coconut. and ol chubby feet over there was intrigued too.
so we people and coconut watched for a bit and headed home. try not to be jealous. ;)


lizzie said...

I've been toying with the idea of chapter books for Simon as well, so I'm glad you posted this and glad to know that it is possible for a 2-year-old to be absorbed in such things.

We tried to RSVP for DIY Design Day, but it said it was "sold out." We may try to go anyway and see what it is like and pick up a little something for you. Or, if the weather is bad, maybe just Micah and Simon will head out for a little father-son time. Anyway, we'll see what we can do!

liko said...

totally understand the feeling of being stuck indoors due to sickness and the feeling of going stir-crazy!!

hopefully we see each other soon - and i'll hand over your new moon ticket.

and i have never attempted reading any chapter books to my kids yet, but you have inspired me to try!

and the ira and mouse books are some of our favorites, too!

melissa marie said...

that book sounds totally rad. like you and yours.

Jessica F. said...

That about what we have been doing around here. Reading helps the day go by much smoother when we are stuck indoors.

Coconut watching... I am jealous!

Nate and Julie said...

James and the giant peach was the first chapter book my mom read to me, but I'm pretty sure I was like 5, not 2! Ambrose is one advanced little kiddo, but who wouldn't like Peter Pan. That's so cool that he's into it. Way to go!

Carrie said...

We've been looking for a new chapter book so yaaay! I can recommend most of the Roald Dahl books, although you will have to edit some swearing as you go (always fun), but we tried to read The Indian in the Cupboard and only made it half way through before we lost the children.

And I would have been distracted by a coconut split open too. That's pretty cool.

ashley said...

oh man, hope the sickies leave your house soon!

i am trying to read fantastic mr fox to velz, she loves it. ivy on the other hand, well, she can snuggle and semi-listen, so i guess she is getting something from it.

and i love the fabric colors for your bedspread, what are you thinking of making it like? do tell, i am so interested!

Melissa said...

you know they say one of the best things you can do for your child is read to them at least 20 minutes a day. Ambrose is lucky that you are!

Kaiya and I do, but I haven't introduced a chapter book to her yet. I thought about it and have been meaning to try it, but now I know she might actually sit through one (maybe--hopefully).