08 December 2009

my cup of tea sewing society

i think that's what i'll call our sewing society. i googled the name to make sure we would be one of a kind and found that there is a "just my cup of tea" social/sewing society in brooklyn (hunt 'em down lizzie and take 'em out!) but they don't look very active and we won't have the "just" as part of our name. you still in? not sure what it's all about yet, but it's gonna be about something. like sewing and tea cups and general awesomeness.

anyway, here's what we've been working on lately - and by we i mean thomas and me- which is a whole separate society- although he is my cup of tea.... oh gosh. someone help me please.

first: you must know that i am the photographer on these and so the pictures are not up to snuff and therefore don't fully showcase the projects well. it was kinda frustrating, but you can get the idea.
first thomas found this headboard on craigslist and decided it would look cool upholstered in the two panels. it was a very tricky project because we have never done anything like it before and it wasn't as if we could just staple everything to the back of the board.

he figured it out though and it looks great!

he did that while i worked on our bedspread:

and we both cut out the fabric together for both projects to make them perfect. it was fun working together. we came up with this very basic design and at first it was looking a little too south american for me. i like the south american look, but we were going more for basic, clean, beachy, and modern and that isnt necessarily south american is it. after i got it finished and laid out on the bed though i was pleased as punch.

here's the back:
with the mustard, cherry red, and sky blue repeated a little. this picture kinda makes it look like a mans sweater from the mid-nineties. whatcha gonna do. i promise it's real swell.


i just have to quilt it and i'm gonna try to do it by hand since it measures 90x90 and was a beast to maneuver through my machine in separate pieces. wish me luck.

oh and here's the stockings:

oi! sorry for the bad lighting. again. i love how they turned out though. i was going for depression era homemade with the charm of the ball fringe. depression era charm? yes. stay with me.

i'm thinking about embroidering our names on them, but i'm gonna wait til my mama comes in a few months to embark on that new frontier.

and... oh yes, i made these christmas cards for the womens organization:

for their sub for santa program. my mother-in-law designed them and donated the supplies and i made them. neat!


thomas found a multi-colored antique pharmacists desk thingy on craigslist and sanded her down like crazy and painted her and now she looks like this:

thomas is just, well, cool like that to say the least. she'll look even better once the knobs from anthropologie arrive- picture two little black and white clock knobs on there.

and i guess that is all for now friends.

i'm tickled by the idea of our "my cup of tea sewing society" because i'm silly like that. it's going to be fun. get your tea cup ready and your sewing machines dusted off, oiled up and ready to go! anyone can be in it. i wouldn't say it's much of a social society because i'm not one for social commitments, but it's gonna be our cup of tea and that sounds good to me.


Taylor said...

omg. you two are so industrious! i was just talking to my friend dustin the other day about how when we look at some married couples, we truly envy what they have. and you two were at the top of my list! (in a good way of course).

i heart you two and your precious family:)

lorieloo said...

can I be a part of your "cup of tea" even though I live on the mainland??

ADORING your sewing projects. who knew all those years ago that our lives would end up being SO similar? too funny huh?

.Ang. said...

How fun! Hooray for TEAMWORK!!!

I love it all! I really do! But that Pharmacy Drawer is delicious! I've been looking at old antique card catalogs... I want one.


I'm loving the my cup of tea idea!

I think this should be the theme song



Stephanie J. Robertson said...

Oh yes! This is an international society so mainlanders are welcome for sure! Ang can't wait too check out that song. I'm on my iPhone.

diana palmer said...

wow you guys are inspirational! so many projects, and i love them each individually, you got that?

Rebecca Waldron said...

Ooohhh! great name for the sewing society. I approve whole heartedly. Thanks for the stocking pics and the bedspread looks great. Let me know how you end up quilting it. I still have to finish our one from sewing class. bleh.

lizzie said...

We are inspired. And envious. Especially of the pharmacist desk. Micah's jaw dropped and he said, "Look at all those compartments," as if his heart were breaking. :)

The Prigmore Family said...

Awesome job on the crafties. I especially LOVE the backside of the bedspread.
Can Dan & I be in your secret society? We always work on projects together (well mostly him working and me "supervising" which he calls yelling) but still, this club might be just what I need to finally get my machine out and start all the projects I have in my brain.

PS It was heartwarming to see that little crib and the fishie swing.

liko said...

i love the headboard - great way to work in the houndstooth, girly!!

love the stockings, love the bedspread, and that pharmacist desk, you go girl!!

i have yet to sew a stocking for mr. malik...but now that i'm up to the task, i'm gonna get started. after we are done painting and rearranging. yes, someday after that is all over you must come over and see the changes we are making.

liko said...

oh, and i meant to say what i love most is the fact you two did it TOGETHER.

Jared Zane, Anna Christine and Delmer said...

Oh my goodness...you are seriously the most crafty family in the WORLD! So inspirational! I love all of your projects!

boo face mcjones said...

you have to know i love it all. your stockings turned out great. and of course, my husband is super jealous of the pharmacy desk. (me too.)

i should post photos of my new stockings...

echo said...

how did i miss this post?
anyway, everything is amazing! love it all. you 2 really are a crafty couple. what a good team.

Anonymous said...

so fun! your blog is always chock full of good ideas and lovliness. thanks for your kind comment- i definitely admire you from afar and although i don't know you well, i certainly think you're a kindred spirit- all your musings are wonderful, i look up to your outlook on life and parenting. enjoy the decorating process for your new place- it all looks fabulous...patria

laurel said...

I want to be a part of the cup of tea society minus the sewing. Does that sound bad? It has nothing to do with a lack of interest in sewing but just with the fact that I don't have a sewing machine here or an inclination to buy one. Right now with my fractured finger and one handed typing things like sewing feel all the more intimidating. I do however have a mind to make myself a cup of tea tonight. Complete with honey and cream and little biscotti cookies I found at the Korean supermarket. I also want, or rather need to be and feel a part of something right now. I actually did go to a christmas craft party last weekend and made some pretty sweet cards.

stef j. said...

i'm SO SO SO SO SEW excited for this!!!

melissa marie said...

i'm so impressed! your handiwork is really excellent. i like the bedspread a lot.

iMaLLheaRt said...

I LOVE your bedspread! I think it's so awesome that you made it. I LOVE all your crafts and things that you make! I would want to be a part of your sewing society except, I'm not much of a sewer...can I still be in? :D

J,D and Little B said...

Love your projects!!! Awesome job....very inspiring!!

sheila said...

wow, look at all that fun stuff! Can I come tag along with you one day? We're back! I need to get "crafty" again.

Brad said...

I'm a friend of the Heiselts, so hopefully you don't mind me wandering over here. Great job on that pharmacy desk. I'm a sucker for those. Also, the houndstooth headboard looks very cool.