22 June 2010

almost as beautiful

as this song, Star Lfur by Sigur Ros, is the fact that

if you stand still

and are quiet

and listen

you can hear the ocean

at any point of the day or night

around here.

I like to open all our windows and

lay in the calm, cool at the end of the day

and enjoy the unique lullaby

that is our very own.

The magnificence of the ocean

crashing in the distance


roaring my babies to sleep at night.

Good night little fishes. We swam hard today and tomorrow we'll sail on some more.


Ashley said...

Cute little sleeping babies. I can't wait to see them.

Megan and Keli'i said...

I love the song, the sleeping babies and the ship. That's an alliteration too, in case you were wondering...hehe. But yes, I sit out on my deck every evening and watch and listen to the ocean. So dang peaceful. Do we really live here?

liko said...

ah, sweet sleeping babes and wonderful words and thoughts.