09 July 2010

ladies of the society! I give you our Representative Twice-a-year Seamstress!

Wow, I've been doing a seriously bad job of getting these up here lately. Thanks to all you cool peeps who sent them in- I will do better! Expect at least one a week from here on out. Scouts honor.

1. Name: Robin Mikolyski

2. Favorite type of sewing project: practical things, currently quilts

3. City you currently reside in: Laie, Hawaii

4. Hometown: Keaau, Hawaii (Big Island)

5. Family stats: Husband Scott, one 9-month-old boy Kadin, and another boy due in September

6. Machine you sew with: a very basic Brother (VX-1120 given to me by my mom)

7. Project you are currently working on: a baby quilt for a friend.
Here's an example of what it will look like when done:

8. Picture of a finished project you are happy with: (Even REALLY happy with. We'll take that too.) I re-did the cushion covers of a rocking chair/glider a friend gave us and it came out pretty well!

9. Do you have an etsy site? Nope, not that good!

10. What fabric are you currently drooling over?: none

11. Sewing project you would most like to attempt but are admittedly frightened of or just need to learn more about: nothing at the moment

12. Favorite online crafty blog that you draw a lot of inspiration from: haven't found one yet

13. What sewing purchase are you saving your precious pennies for?: a sturdier sewing table and chair

14. Online tutorial you plan to attempt: Wow, I'm such a sewing slacker! Don't have one

15. When and how did you learn to sew?: My mom helped me sew a dress when I was 12 (using a pattern). I wore it for a couple of years 'till I outgrew it!

16. Your biggest sewing disaster story (picture if you have would be entertaining): The year I got married, the quilt I made for our queen-size bed without factoring in any overhang. I only measured the top of the bed! So it's more like a bedspread. Someday I'll make a new one that fits properly!

17. Favorite sewing book: again, none!

18. Sewing hero you look up to: Doris Nilson, resident of Laie, is teaching me to quilt. She's amazing!

19. Anything else that would be interesting or funny or lame or sa-weeeeet to share with all your society pals: I guess I'm not as passionate about sewing as I could be, but now that I have a sewing room, it makes it a lot easier to have the motivation to make things. I'm really a practical rather than creative seamstress, so I only think of things to make when a need arises! I don't have a fabric stash. I don't buy fabric "just because I like it". I've only ever bought material after I think of the project!

20. If you could nominate yourself for an officer in this most prestigious society- what would your title be?: Um, Representative Twice-a-year Seamstress?


a mermaid said...

ok. i just have to say: is anyone else crazily impressed with her no-nonsense approach to sewing!?! haha

seriously robbie- could you be anymore awesomely practical!!!

you are cool.

my approach to sewing is so whimsical and silly in comparison, but we all have our own fun huh. :)

i think your approach to sewing is the most classic approach... back when sewing was actually a way to save money. kudos.

i have to say though, it makes me want to run out and buy you a totally silly and beautiful sewing book with some crazy cool fabric just because so you can catch this disease many of us "suffer" from! ;)

ashley said...

robyn, you really did a great job on that rocking chair cover, i am impressed! wish i had one i could have you cover for me! and i agree with steph, we need to get you a book and some fun fabric so you can catch the bug!

Ali said...

Disclaimer: This is a compliment.

If you were a school supply, Steph... you'd be glue. I'm always amazed that way you bring people together... Whether that's to be members of a sewing society, a book club, compiling a cook book or happy school for your boys... you are like a magnet - I mean glue stick - bringing friends together.

I admire that.

sheila said...

Amazing job on redoing the rocking chair!! I am in desperate need of new cushions-and fabric on our rocking chair. Too bad the other baby came already. Now I have NO time (yet) to do stuff like that.

liko said...

wowzahs robin!!
LOVE the reupholstered rocking chair AND your MAD quilting skillz!!!!

The Stewarts said...

Love the redo on the chair.
Also appreciate the title you gave yourself. I love to sew but life tends to get in the way restricting my ability to sew. So when I bring out the machine it sits on my kitchen table for about a week before DH gets tired of it and packs it up till my next ambitious streak. I am totally jealous of your sewing room- maybe in the next house...

melissa marie said...

wow, that rocking chair rocks and i really dig that bed-topper quilt. how funny. but seriously, especially for someone who's not that passionate about sewing, those all are awesome projects! way more profesh than my many attempts! so cool.

Mariko said...

I was insanely impressed with that chair job, considering that I gave her that chair. I was planning on tossing the thing it was so yucky. And then she did that and I was like, WAIT A SEC.
Ha ha. Kidding.
Robbie is awesomely no nonsense and practical.

Robbie said...

Yeah, Steph, thanks for bringing us together! :) It's fun to see what you guys all come up with with your sewing machines, and thanks for all your compliments on my attempts at sewing. Maybe someday I will catch the same bug a lot of you have. For now, I love to sew, but I love doing a lot of other things, too, so that and my lack of creativity most of the time keep me pretty limited at my machine. Oh well. :) Thanks for making me feel happy about my talent anyway!