11 September 2010

clear eyes, full hearts....

I'm trying out some new things lately and whenever I run (barefoot.) (more about that later.) I can't help but have the Friday Night Lights theme song running through my head.

Don't laugh.

It's like the best show ever. In fact, I had to watch the whole series twice through because I finally talked Thomas into it's awesomeness... hence the second go-around. Actually I didn't talk him into it at all- he caught one episode and was hooked and man that's some great characterization and writing.... good enough that the non-football lover took the above photo on the way home from work one day.

Where was I going with this?

I don't remember, but the semester starts next week and I am really excited. I love being on campus and getting students excited about reading or showing them a couple of tricks to feeling confidence in their writing. This is my first semester teaching two classes, but they are back to back and I am confident that my children will love the extra daddy time. He is the fun one. It's nice to have a supportive partner. We make a good team.

The pool has stopped playing rap and started playing pandora- an Ingrid Michaelson station. It's a great way to lap it up.

I've been cooking a ton lately. It feels so good to be the queen of my kitchen. I've got a cool idea for another compiled recipe book, but I'm trying to tell myself to calm down. Nah, I might still harass people to do it. It's a pretty great idea. I think you'll like it.

Oh, and I'm itching to sew lately. It's been a long time since I sat down and made something. I need to finish all those Huck Finn pants and some nautical looking curtains for the boy's room. Pretty fun.

Plus, the feet/running situation feels like it's getting back in my control. It's too early to say YAHOO I'M CURED, but I'm cautiously hopeful.

I'm feeling pretty dang good. Great things ahead.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.


Mariko said...

I LOVE friday night lights. Jake likes it too and he hates most TV. I think it's the best show ever except for a few seasons of northern exposure.
You sound motivated. You should come give me a kick in the pants.

sheila said...

Hooray for Pandora and cured feet!

I'm all for your new cookbook. Kai is (as well as me) sick of the same snack/meals i make for her. I need more ideas- healthy ones too.

If the stress of making it is holding you back, let me help!

Anna K. said...

I wish you were my English teacher! I just know you are awesome! Yay for great things ahead!

echo said...

i need a little encouragement in the 'feeling confidence in my writing' part. i have always sucked at english.

laurel said...

this post and this first song on your playlist go well together-- uplifting and hopeful and also grounded feeling. Love from across the sea- to meet you on a gentle breeze.

I just cracked my first cookbook since moving to Portland to look at recipe ideas-- I think it would feel really good to cook something.

KristenE. said...

Yay! Im glad you are feeling somewhat better =) Running barefoot sounds so lovely...very child-like and carefree. It must add a new level of happiness and joy when you run.

I am with you on the sewing thing. I havent really done anything new. Im still buying fabric and browsing the remnants bin for treasures =) I would like to feel inclined and inspired to sew something one of these days.

lizzie said...

Would it be weird if I admitted that I have had multiple dreams in which I was dating Matt Saracen?

liko said...

i haven't gone there with the friday night lights thing...and don't hate me if i never do.

i am glad to hear about the feet!!

and for the few times we get to see each other. i have been absent from the www lately. trying to find myself and adjust to change. it's taking me a while.

stephanie joy said...

lizzie- love it! i'm more of a tim riggins type i hate to say... cuz isn't everyone?? :)

liko- dont watch it. i wont hate. or care :) and you take that www break girl! do what feels right. you're better off for it i'm sure.

melissa marie said...

steph, you sound good.