08 September 2010

it's a pretty color

Remember these green smoothies?

Well, in case you were wondering if they are good as ice pops...they are.

Ambrose and I made 10 of them yesterday morning and he and Asher kept asking for them... and by 8AM today they were gone.

Pretty awesome treat.


liko said...

they look good.

and i miss all my mama friends.

we need an excuse to hang soon.

lizzie said...

What a good idea. I think we're going to have to do this. Thanks for sharing.

Smiths said...

And no diareah? HA HA. That stuff looks good!

Sofia Hoiland said...

gotta love those green smoothies!

Anna K. said...

What did you put in them? Yum!

Luisa said...

I wanted to check in with my long lost little sis and see how you and your cute boys are doin. Your post on forgetting your wallet at Target is SO something I would do...and as frustrating as that was for you, it was a very entertaining post for the rest of us:) And I feel so bad to read about your feet issues. I'm so sorry you are having to go through that!

sheila said...

You inspired me to run to costco and getting those items (in the recipe) a few weeks ago. We drink them all the time.
we'll be doing the pops now.