27 December 2010

He's super...

In his PJs, glasses that grandma cut out for him, and cool cape Aunty Echo made for him way back when:

Insisting that Mama tie on her vintage scarf and be Super too:

Maybe little Brother wants to be super as well?


It's ok, he's super-confident enough for the two of them.... lookin' all awesome and whatnot:

Oh dear, I could die laughing. As if looks aren't enough we paraded our cape-y selves all the way to the playground as he repeatedly sang out: "Super Boy to the rescue!!!! In SPACE!!!!!"

Super delightful little guy.


.Ang. said...

Ambrose has the BEST imagination!

He really is super!

melissa marie said...


boo face mcjones said...


echo said...

i should have put a big A on the back of that cape, then he would really love it!
ambrose you are super. on earth and in space.

liko said...

wow, next time ya'll should wear spandex with those awesome capes. haha!
and looking good, skinny minnie mama!!