02 December 2010

working hard

Today I realized that we are all working on our dreams even if they are not big-wild-Oprah would make us her next pet project-announcements. And that's pretty cool.

Thomas got some new clients for his private practice all of a sudden and has been working hard on getting that organized on top of his Case Management and team leader supervisions and meetings.

He also plays Mister Mom at least three late afternoon/evenings a week while I work on campus. I love coming home to the evidence of some serious guy bonding time around here. Babies fed, reading stories in their room with daddy who has cleaned up the house.... I never have the house clean and everyone smiling when he gets home from work.... show off.

He has also been branching out and doing different kinds of photo shoots lately. He's always been interested in photography as a hobby and is passionate about it, but all of a sudden has been shooting some families, an engaged couple, and did some portrait work at our house and has been having a blast at it. No plans for Thomas Robertson Photography, Inc or anything, but just having lots of fun with some great families and cool couples as an occasional side gig. Beautiful colors and composition too. It cracks me up when he seems pleasantly surprised at how well things turn out. I guess it's good that's he's humble. :)

I have been finally slaying a big dragon of mine. My syllabus for English 201. It was all fine and dandy to get offered to teach more advanced classes until I realized, "I have to create my own course and then teach a more advanced class!" (Insert video clip of Kevin McCallister from Home Alone slapping his cheeks with both hands and screaming that famous, "Ahhhhhhhhhh!")

I avoided it for so long and let it nag me in the back of my mind. Why do I do stuff like that to myself all the time? Annoying.

I am really good at letting things eat me up and swallow me whole even when I know I will get it done someday. I just have to feel inadequate for enough time to drive everyone crazy before I snap out of it. See how tired I look in this go-to teaching dress of mine. But I like this picture because it has the tree in the background and is an accurate depiction of me these days. Note to self: Put on some lip gloss or something.

I stayed after work one night and worked out all the class policies and procedures that the students will never read, but at least I will have it in writing.

And then I was like, good enough for tonight. Better than nothing. Go home and watch a movie with your husband.

And then I shook my finger at myself, pointed the aforementioned finger at my pile of novels and plays and said, "Get to work young lady."

I calculated how many days I wanted to spend on each work, how many chapters should be read for each day, what projects, papers, and discussion topics should go on what day, which literary criticisms we will apply to analyze our readings (This was like the fire breathing head of the dragon because I didn't always love criticism as a student and now I have to TEACH it. Blerg.).... blah blah blah.

I worked in my little office until 10:30 and then felt free and good! The way you feel after you finally hand mop the bathroom after six months of neglect. But times ten.

I have a few things to finish, but I feel like a huge masters thesis has been finished. HAHA!

Sorry if that was boring to read or if you had to skip it entirely or you would die of boredom. I understand, but my mom and a few fellow geeky English soul mates of mine would care to know and understand so there you go.

Ambrose has been working hard at begging me for Christmas day to be NOW. Everyday.

But he's also shocking me daily with the big boy things he says and does and truthfully I love hanging out with him. He's working hard on growing up and even if it makes me sad to kiss his babyhood goodbye- I am amazed by this cute guy I have and thankful that he makes me work really hard at being the kind of mom I want to be and that he needs me to be. That's actually the biggest dream of all.

Asher has been working hard at getting to do EVERYTHING his brother does. He refuses to be left out of the big boy stuff. He wears underwear over his diaper just to fit in on a daily basis. It's hilar. (I typed so much in this post I didn't have the energy to type out hilarious.... but now I just did it in an effort to explain for any confused parties, which nearly killed me so thanks a lot.) Speaking of hilar - it reminds me of how I faithfully wore deodorant to first grade because my three older sisters wore it everyday. I guess I give in to Asher a lot because I understand. Even if I get strange looks sometimes... I try to say yes if it's slightly reasonable.

Ok, enough hard work and deodorant talk. I'll leave you with the fruits of some of our recent labors. We finally covered our kitchen chairs in new fabric since the boys stained and destroyed all the old chairs AND then we covered them with vinyl for easy clean-up. We wanted fabric with texture that had some style but wasn't too loud since our walls are already GREEN so I was happy to find this at Walmart last weekend. We had fun recovering these little beauties while watching Christmas movies one night. And by "we" I mean mostly Thomas. I did help demo the old chairs and then I cut and ironed while he did the tricky and time-consuming work with the big stapler. Go team!


boo face mcjones said...

Oh, I am so glad you updated me on the syllabus status. What a HUGE sigh of relief! And, as I indicated in our texting the other night, I always laugh at the "I just need to have it in writing" mentality, because THAT IS ME.

And the chairs are awesome.

And you are awesome.

And one day I want to blog again. Heaven knows I love reading yours.

melissa marie said...

i think you look very pretty in that picture, steph. there's a lady (girl? woman? whatever) in my ward who looks a lot like you. it makes me miss you to see her. (i don't even know her name.)

i like those chairs. ours need a serious redo, too, but i hate the chairs and don't want to spend time on them. darn. our first covering of them went a lot like you describe yours to have gone, too. what would we do without the dudes?

and last but not least, your boys are so cute. and it makes me excited for mine to grow up into a boy like them.

boo face mcjones said...

P.S. The deodorant comment made me laugh laugh laugh. That's the kind of good stuff we need to hear more about.

ashley said...

love the updates. i suck and blogging these days and know that in a year from now when i go back to check something out from whatever is happening right now i will kick myself, so thanks for some motivation to get on in. not saying that i will or anything, but saying that i know i need to!
your such a rockin teacher, i love it! good job steph!

Kahilau said...

Not at all boring. This is the stuff blogs are made of. The stuff that keeps us all feeling connected even if we hardly ever see each other and we live way to far apart. Your life sounds busy and heavenly all at the same time! thank you for sharing!

PS. Loved your comment about cooking with kids in the kitchen. I decided that this is evidence that we can all stop assuming we know what other moms and feeling and going through and really just enjoy our everyday moments! Thanks for that!

.From Her. said...

I adore you, and your awesome teaching self. I for one, LOVE hearing about what a rock star you are. You go girl!! Seriously. I'm proud to call you my friend.

Even if you are an English geek.

I'm SO HAPPY for you that you are doing something that you are so passionate about. I can feel it through your words, that you are really into it. And that makes me happy.

Matti said...

Totally understand ya. And Tex will pitch quite a fit too if I don't let him trapse around in Eden's dora panties and the like. Lucky for Asher he has a big brother. ;-)

Smiths said...

You two are entirely too productive. Seriously. I've been feeling bad for myself for not having time for my dreams, or whatever, but you inspire me. Tanx, ah. And right on.

laurel said...

Stephanie, I liked how you acknowledged that ambrose is working on growing up. This truly is the work of the child and although it looks different from the work of the adult that we most commonly recognize as "work," it is truly the most miraculous work of all.

Working hard is good. I too am working hard. I think I'm gonna re-open the blog today... I just closed it because I realized that all I was tempeted to write about was my depression. I might start another blog about depression though maybe with some friends so I could write about it there but with a proactive approach.

kimball said...

I hang on your every word and love it. Dad