27 January 2011

re-try the dancing kids post

I hope these work because they would and wouldn't before. The kids danced happily at Happy School today and Adelaide wins the award for best hula shake. Enjoy... it takes a while before the video will let you press play. I hope this works. And if not, I am, truly, sorry... (anyone watch the Manuel Ortiz show on SNL???)

Ambrose and his girls! (We missed you Shae Man!)

See the first 30secs of this to see what I mean about our champion Hula girl:

So cute right?

Happy School Song- shortened version:


echo said...

she gets those moves from her mama.
i need to post the dancing videos i took last time i taught. but my camera seems to have gone missing. i have a feeling it is in the toy box.

echo said...

hahahaha. i had to come back and watch all the videos again.
i love happy school!

ps. adelaides hair....

laurel said...

Thanks for the huge wide smile you just put on my face.

Matti said...

Oh yay!!!! I'm so glad you put these on your blog! ;-) And, I am so glad you made these videos.

Matti said...

awe, my heart is so happy now after watching those. **clap clap**