25 January 2011

smells like home!


I was excited when I thought you were sending me T-shirts so I was surprised to open the envelope and find teaching shirts! Wow, even better!

And then I cried because they smelled like you and our laundry room in Bakersfield, CA.

Anyway thanks!

Love you,


ps- I realize that my bed is unmade in the background dear mother. Yes you taught me better. If Asher weren't sitting on my lap and vying for some attention as I type this I would go back, make the bed, and retake the picture in your honor... but, alas... well I'm sure you understand. :)


melissa marie said...

whatever, that's how my bed looks when it's made.

stephanie joy said...


actually i'm blocking most of the squalor with my new shirt.... way to go new shirt.

echo said...

oh, i love new shirts! go betty!!

liko said...

i love it!! yay for mamas!!

melissa marie said...

smart move with the shirt blocking.

Anna K. said...

Yay! I love when my momma sends me clothes...and I have a really big problem with making my bed. It's pretty much never made. Missss you!