07 February 2011

craft nite postponed!

Hey crafty types-

Looks like this week seems to be filling up with lots of good stuff for all of us!

I'm a big fan of not packing your life to the brim so let's postpone the craft nite that was going to be on Wednesday the 9th until later shall we?

Whew, that feels good.

See your crafty faces later alligator!


1 comment:

Josh and Laura said...

Stephanie!!! I love you!!! I just got your package in the mail and it seriously made me cry right out at the mail box...which isn't saying much since I'm still in the emotional post-pregnant stage. But still! You are so sweet. Your note meant so much to me. And I love all the little treats. I need to go out of my way to do nice things like that because that just made me (and Bryn, who's now covered in chocolate) so happy! Thank you!!

P.S. It's lame to thank you through a blog comment, but I don't have your phone number or email. Which is kind of pathetic. Where's that Hawkins Contact sheet when I need it?