04 February 2011

Mormon food

When another tsunami hits, I'll share my food storage. But it's not gonna come free. Like one hour watching my children run wild in our emergency camp per can. Or, if I don't trust you to watch my kids, just don't complain about their noise and you can have a pack of Ramen noodles.

Also, I was thinking Mormons are probably the healthiest culture of people in the USA because of their strict adherence to the Word of Wisdom. But then I got thinking about funeral potatoes, jello, canned fruit and whipped cream "salads," and mayonnaise in general and changed my mind. Any group of people fiercely dedicated to rotating food that's meant to last until 2015 can't be doing that great health-wise.... but maybe the two cancel each other out and we're ok after all.

Hey, at least we've got dried fruit and wheat going for us.


Rach said...

hmmmm your food storage makes me hungry. Ramen & cookies...what else do you need.

melissa marie said...

hmmm, mormons are not the biggest mayo perps i've ever met. dani, my non-mormon colombian byu roommate, ate enough mayo to fill a swimming pool. at the time i hated mayo but it's grown a little on me. not a ton, but it's ok. i use the kind with olive oil. but anyway, what was i meaning to say here?

liko said...

at least you got lots going on there! more selection than we do!

Carrie said...

Mormons are sugar addicts!! We can't have any drug/cigarette/alcohol/coffee/caffeine vices so we go with sugar.

The whipped cream and jello salads in particular kill me. I remember eating jello, cream cheese, whipped cream and mandarin orange "salad" for dinner and thinking it was perfectly normal. haha

boo face mcjones said...

I'll be over for Mormon dinner (ground up red wheat with dehydrated milk and water) post haste.