29 April 2011

Adios Abril

We've had a nice Spring so far. The boys and I are chasing our dreams around all day and when it's time to shower, get dressed up, and kiss them goodbye to go teach my new Spring term class my separation anxiety is quickly replaced with the appreciation I have for my new crop of students. Kind of like a paid book club. I always come home uplifted, energized, and refreshed for more play and dinner with the boys I love most.

I can't seem to keep up with everything that needs to be done everyday, but I have a kind sidekick in Thomas Robertson so that helps. That's what I've been feeling grateful for. All of that and the connections to bright spirits here and on the mainland. Thanks for being my friend friends and family.

Who else is loving the new Eisley album and listening to it over and over and over? Me too. Favorite lyrics by far:

And you and I were meant to live our dreams
So, be very kind
Don't let the world fall on your shoulders

Good words to live by. My current life motto. Have a nice life!


Stephanie Joy


echo said...

i am loving the song. i feel like they grew up. like her voice seems so much richer now or something.

Mariko said...

I will listen to it ASAP, since it seems we share so much of the same music taste.

A paid book club!
That's what I need. I pretty much cried on Friday. I have the book club from H E double Eck.
That spells something funny.