14 June 2011

Look what we can do!: Part Two

Ashley M in Hawaii made this for her baby girl's room:

It totally fulfilled it's mission too since Lola is the happiest baby ever. Ash has mad skills. I think I'll apprentice with her.

Bille G in California made these adorable dresses for her daughter Nico:

I think this post should have been titled, "Stephanie wishes she had a daughter to sew for!" Man, these little dresses are precious. Love them.

In keeping with the girly theme, Christy B in Arizona constructed these cute skirts for her and her daughter Evelyn:

Doesn't this make you want to riffle through your fabrics and get pleating? Anyone? Yes, me too. Way to go Christy!

Melissa P in Utah sewed herself a vintage inspired swimsuit:

You read that right. SHE MADE THIS PEOPLE! I'll start taking a list now of the people, who like me, would like to know what pattern she used and if she maintained her sanity throughout. It looks so cute! I want one. I actually have a few swimsuit fabrics in my stash that I haven't been brave enough to use yet. I need you to fly to Hawaii and patiently hold my hand and hover over my shoulder so I can be cool like you Mellie... oh wait, I think I would have to just boldly make it all by myself in order to be cool like you. Dash it all. This is rad.

Megan B in California pieced and quilted this little beauty for her daughter Rivers:

I think this post could also be titled, "My friends give their daughters really awesome names!" Lola, Nico, Evelyn, Rivers. Cute cute cute cute. Rivers is so lucky to get to roll around on this charming keepsake from her Mama. I am in love with the fabric selection too!

Meg T in Hawaii has been hard at work making things for her home with her husband Corbin:

I know I have mentioned it before on here, but Meg does everything well and everyone who lives around here looks up to her and her impecable style and flawless execution. I am a "that's good enough" crafter and so I am always in awe of people who do things the right way. Seriously inspiring.

Let's do one more for this round shall we?

Melissa C in Utah hosted an adorable birthday for her delicious baby Noah complete with an awesome teepee for the kids to play in:

This just makes me smile. I have always wanted to make one of these for my boys! It is so fun and nostalgic and imaginative. Those are the best kinds of crafts in my opinion. Well, there are so many great kinds of crafts so that's a grandiose claim to make, but don't you just love it when you make something that looks good, is well made, and your kids will actually love it and use it and play with it? I've definitely been guilty of making things in the past that I think are so cute and am excited to give to my kids only to find it discarded under the crib or in the bottom of the toy box and not missed. Kids definitely know what they like and this teepee is definitely in the cool craft category!

Who's inspired? (I wish you could see me over-eagerly raising my hand right now.) Make something this week and email me a picture and stay tuned for more!


melissa said...

awesome, steph. you're so good at getting things together.

anyway, the suit is "sew knit n stretch" 159. funny name, not a funny suit. just a cool one. i had the hardest time finding swim fabric, though. joann's only had plain (so that's what i used) but it would be AWESOME in stripes. oh i just thought i should say IT WAS SO EASY. SO EASY. and fast. there are only like 5 pieces. come on, it's easy! want me to send you the pattern?

stephanie joy said...

Yes I do, but what if you want to make another and I somehow ruin it? I also know I am a BIGGER size than you fo sho so I will just looksee about ordering it online. I want to do this now that you have promised easiness!

Ali said...

I can't wait to see the pictures from your birthday! I totally have crafters envy! Please open an etsy shop so you can sew pretty dresses for my girls. Also, I love the song Thomas wrote for you. Amazing! Seriously. What talent. You must really inspire him ;)

Carrie said...

Holy swimsuit!!

liko said...

so awesome, all of it!
it's all so inspiring!!

Melissa said...

meg kills me. for reals.

love all of it!

ashley said...

meg meg meg, where do we begin with her awesomeness?!?
great collection of all things crafty- as per usual!