06 July 2011

Look what we can do!: Part Four (right?)

This is our last batch of these unless you guys want to send me more, which we would all love!

Molly T in Florida made a special birthday outfit for her little girl Brooklyn.

I think it is the special details like this that our kids will remember... hopefully! Whenever my kids and I are having an "off" day I want to hold up all the "keepsakes" I've made or pull out pictures from a fun day as a family and say, "See, I can be cool sometimes! I'm not a complete monster... right?" Molly is a fantastic mom and I really look up to her so I love seeing what she does with her kids.

Rachel W in Oregon is actually visiting Hawaii right now! Here's what she was workin' with before her visit though:

I am always impressed with her ability to do more than one type of craft well. Thomas just photographed their entire extended family on the temple grounds the other day and we were looking at the pictures through the editing process and I just felt a great love for good people who love their families and do what is right. It's nice to have people like that in your life. I feel lucky to have so many good examples around me all the time!

Cammie Heaston in Utah is a gem. Seriously. I asked if people wanted to be involved in the service project knowing that it was kind of short notice and at a time when many people who would otherwise pitch in were on vacation so I thought, well, if at least one more person does it then that will be good. When I wasn't hearing much back I shrugged it off as bad timing and then one day in the mail I got this:

A fully completed quilt with expert stitching and even with Hawaiian themed, cheerful fabric! WOW! I was amazed! I know that the long-term patients at Kahuku will be cheered and uplifted by such a beautiful labor of love. Fantastic. Thank you Cammie!

I have one more entry, but I can't find it.... blast! Stay tuned for that one. Have a meaningful, inspired day friends!


Melissa said...

love molly's outfit she made! the fabric is to die for!

im totally going to pin it as inspiration for kaiya's bday outfit.

stephanie joy said...

Nice! I know, it is such a special/great idea! I want to do the boys version for my kiddos!