14 July 2011

Story Club

I wanted to keep the Happy School momentum going over the summer to keep Ambrose from drawing on his face due to boredom everyday:

Preschool doesn't start til August so every Tuesday morning for the last two months we have had the Happy School mob over for "Story Club." Each week there was a theme, and we would make stories, read stories, and act out our own stories revolving around that theme. So This American Life. So so fun. I would love to be a children's librarian and this was my chance to pretend.

Every week I would make the kids cheer, "It's Story Club today HOORAY!" Ah man, it was cute and funny. They got really into it and pumped their little fists in the air with great enthusiasm.

Anyway, tonight is the end of the summer party since preschool starts in a couple of weeks and we are going out with a bang!

We're watching Despicable Me, eating homemade pizza, popcorn, treats, enjoying playtime, and lots of imaginative, dramatic games.

This has been a fun little group of pals to be a part of the last couple of years. I love having a house full of kids who are engrossed in their make believe and working hard at having fun. I love the sights and sounds and the sillyness.


jen said...

Any chance you'd share some more details, like some of your themes or what you did? Sounds like so much fun!

liko said...

wish i was a happy-schooler. looks like fun!!

Natalie said...

I want to come to story club! I also would LOVE to be a school librarian. That job would be awesome.

echo said...

love this photo. really love it.

Smiths said...

Rad. I desprately need to find/start a group like this. Let me know if you need one more. (I am aware that puts you in an awkward position- your group is full and you can say no, but should one kid drop out for any reason give me a ring)

stephanie joy said...

Liko Jill and even my sister Nat - let's do it next round together! PARTY!!

Jen- I will have to dig up what we did if I can remember sometime. Email me if you start one up and I'll see what I can recall. It's super fun.