30 August 2011

I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

Ambrose brought this home from school today.

It says: "This is my mom resting in bed with her cast on her broken foot."


I didn't break my foot and I don't have a cast, but I did sprain my ankle on the bike path yesterday and I didn't realize it until hours later. I'm all wrapped up in one of those lovely ace bandages. Ambrose finds the whole thing very impressive and amusing. Last night he poked his delighted face into my bedroom twice and beamed, "Mama, how are you liking laying around and doing nothing?"

How embarrassing.

My regular physician sent me to the ER since I couldn't bare weight on my foot long enough to drive to her office in Haleiwa where she doesn't have an X-ray machine anyway- the ER by my house does. The ER doc was someone I have never seen before and he was condescending, rude, impatient and any other words I can think of to describe him are just not lady-like so call me if you want to hear them and I'll be happy to vent.

I came home feeling dumb, but relieved that I would only have to put my foot up for about three days instead of having to lug around a cast for a few weeks.

I think the universe is trying to tell me something though because on Friday I was cutting lettuce to portion out into ziplocs when tragedy struck... or sliced rather. I was trying to do this. Instead of expertly chopping those greens, I foolishly sliced my thumb... almost clear off. Thomas is always befuddled by my lack of knife skills. We can't all be eagle scouts I guess.... or just smart with cutlery.

Anyway, I called a friend from campus on Monday before I headed to the ER to get her help in arranging something for my classes that day and after detailing all my klutziness in regards to the jogging and the salad we were both in near tears laughing as I lamented, "Do you think the universe is trying to tell me something?"

"Yes!" she said, "Stop running and slicing vegetables and go back to eating chocolate and watching TV!"



Ashley said...

Poor little Stephanie! I am glad your foot is only sprained though. How fun to be able to sit around and do nothing! Try to take advantage of this time and watch a bunch of Netflix movies.

liko said...

i was also gonna say that the universe is trying to tell you to stop exercising and eating salad.
heal up quick, friend.

Mariko said...

Ouch. I think what it's really trying to tell you is to complain to a friend over frozen yogurt.

Rhitzclan said...

Oh Stephanie I'm SO sorry! That is purely rotten... BUT you have permission to lay around for 3 days and do nothing? As difficult as it may be- work it girl! :) Let me know how I can help!

Carrie said...

I'm in. I'm sorry for your foot but I'm excited for our chocolate eating, project runway watching futures.