08 September 2011

Hawaiian prayer

Ambrose learned a little Hawaiian prayer at preschool that they do everyday before they eat their lunches.

Lately he insists on doing it every night before we eat our dinner.

It's pretty funny.

And cute.

He made a video of himself singing the prayer while Asher babbled away in the background and I made my bed (sort of).


Why is he always shirtless with foodstuffs on his face? All part of being 4 I guess. It's a good look for him really.


echo said...

adelaide does the same thing

Mariko said...

I say, if he can speak Hawaiian, he's in. Because I get to say. Ha.

Diana said...

i might think ambrose is cuter than my very own offspring. they should throw me in mom jail.

Natalie said...

So precious!