26 October 2011

Saturday it is!

Seems like Saturday works best for most who commented on here or talked to me about it in person.

What: First Creative Collective meet up!
When: Saturday 10/29/11
Time: 8PM or whenever your kids are in bed...etc. -- I know my kids get down around 7:30 so this will give me time to clean my house before you all come over!
Place: My house

What to bring: Any ideas you have or desires to take your passions to the next level- let's talk about it and create plans to make things happen! Bring a little notebook if you can get/find one. This will be a really great tool for you when planning or inspiration strikes if you aren't obsessively keeping one already like most of us!

You can also bring a snack to share if you want, but no pressure. Bring any artsy, foodie, crafty, writer-y, photo-y...etc. types you want to join in. Try and come together since parking can get tricky.

I am so excited! I started one of my goals/hopes this week and I can't wait to share and get suggestions for some other ideas.

See you Saturday!
(All images from the ever-inspiring Anthropologie.com.)


Meg said...

I really wish I could come!!! I need to find some crafty friends where I live...

.Ang. said...

I wish i could come too!..

wanna skype me in or something? :)

Face time?? you could send me minutes via imessage..

:) I wish!

Have fun!

Love you!!

liko said...

i ♥ that artist case!!
can't wait for saturday!

Smiths said...

I hope I have enough energy by 8 Saturday night :)