26 December 2011

So this is Christmas.

After over a month of making all kinds of crafts and singing all kinds of songs and reading all kinds of stories and eating all kinds of treats revolving around Christmas....
the time finally came to put out milk and cookies for Santa
and then try your best to sleep all night long in spite of a four year old coming in and waking you up at 2, 3, and 4:40AM with excitement.

Finally, just before 7AM, Asher couldn't take it anymore so we had to wake up Ambrose (who had finally crashed after being up so much in the night) and thankfully Thomas and his camera captured all the cuteness that is two precious little boys running out on Christmas morning with glee!
I love how busy Asher has been in his new kitchen that fits nicely under the bunk beds. He's been cooking away!
Blurry, but pleased as punch. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins for getting him some nice wooden play food too! I love it so much more than the plastic 1-million piece ugly set I almost got him.

And thank you to G&G Robertson for the Christmas quilts! Grandma Linda kills herself off every Christmas making the most beautiful quilts for the grandkids and it was our turn this year to be the grateful recipients!

Just a jolly holiday all around!
Have you heard of the find the sock monkey game? We love it. It's adorable. Great FHE game for all ages. We played it tonight!
Some stocking loot: TJR_1047
Thomas knows me well and got me a nice set of pinking sheers and an extended fold out table to go with my sewing cabinet for larger projects. TJR_1050 I decided not to get a juicer since my in-laws juice for me already and am now spending way too much time deciding wether to get a VitaMix or BlendTec blender.... I just need to go ahead and get one of them already, because they are both great so it's a win/win but still the debate continues! haha
Oh, and here is Thomas before church wearing the Aloha shirt I took fifty years to make for him! HA! TJR_1052 He looks handsome in anything, but I am pleased with how it turned out. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears. I will never make one again, but HOORAY! I made one. TJR_1061

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We didn't get cards out again this year. I am officially declaring NEXT YEAR FOR SURE! And giving myself 12 months notice to get it done. We sure enjoyed hearing from many of you and seeing your bright, smiling faces so thank you so much! Here's to a great New Years Eve up next!


liko said...

your Christmas day looks like it was jolly!! i was lazy and posted pics on FB. slacker, i know. i will do a post, though. eventually. probably with the same photos, though...go figure.
love all the toys your boys got! i must say that as they get older, the size of the toys get smaller. at least that's the case in our humble abode.
and maybe next year we will do a family card...i, too, was supposed to do one this year but thought maybe a new years one? but that's not gonna happen either, so i'll just say next year.
oh, and thomas did a good job with your gifts and the shirt fits him perfectly!
love ya!

Marcus Shields said...

ahhh!! it looks good and i love their faces!!

Melissa said...

you made an aloha shirt!?! Amazing work friend!!
I always told myself i wold do that, but it looks so complicated so i talked myself right out of that one! ha
your boys looked like they loved every last minute of christmas!
We loved seeing you guys! We didn't make it over to say goodbye because we were on our way over to Laie then kaiya had an epic melt down so (by chads command) we left immediately after that. BUt we will see you soon!
Love ya!

Chant'e said...

fun! where did you get your kitchen? and your play cash register?

Brady and Rachel said...

So FUN to see all the fun your cute family is having! We miss you guys. I didn't realize you were trying to decide. Well, I know nothing about the other but we've had a vitamix for about 4+ years now and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! If that helps at all. ;) Good luck in your decisions! Hope the new semester is a GREAT one for yoU!!

Sheila... said...

-I love the shirt. I'm very impressed.
-We like the NINJA-mixer. it makes everything, even juice(but I'd get a serger instead- haha)
-like your Santa milk and cookies set (we have one too hehehe)
-Happy New Year
-And I have something for you!

Kate said...

hey, what camera are you guys using right now? the one that shot your Christmas Eve and Christmas morning pics. Love ya btw!