13 January 2012


Every morning I wake up at six and try and get five hundred things done including teaching an English class and I have been for the last five days.

So far it's working.

If I get five hundred things done before 8:30 or 9:10 (depending on the day) then I get to come home and do this all day:

It is wonderful.

Also, wanna cure your wildly frustrating case of insomnia? Have five hundred things to do everyday starting from 6AM-8:30AM or so. Problem solved.


Becky said...

I'm glad to see things are going better for you! It's always easier to stay motivated when you like your life, lol.

Rebecca Waldron said...

You're amazing. Well done!

Emily said...

Ha! You and Em Patt, both teaching at 6:00, although different curriculum. :) Not sure I could handle that schedule. You go, woman!

liko said...

you go girl!!

ashley said...

so i wake up at 4:16 and do maybe 200 things each day but i still have insomnia. what gives? maybe i need to do more things.
i am so glad that you have a good schedule going for you this semester! yay!