21 February 2012

Don't you dare praise him.

As I have mentioned, Asher is shy. He almost always doesn't want attention or praise... it is so different from Ambrose that I have to rework my parenting constantly or there's trouble.
Here's an example Thomas wrote on his family message board Sunday night:

"We have some 'sight words' DVDs that the boys actually really like watching. The DVDs come with flash cards, and Stephanie was quizzing Ambrose. Asher and I were doing something nearby and Asher looks over and sees the card and reads, "go!" We all cheered, and he got embarrassed and ran crying in the other room."

Oh Asher. Sad but kind of funny. He laid on the couch with his face down and cried for like 10 minutes. Everyone who dared to give him attention by consoling him made it worse. He just had to get through it. Poor shy little buddy.


melissa said...

he is really really cute. (please don't tell him i said that. i don't want any tears or fears.)

nate was/is so painfully shy, too. it kills me sometimes! poor guy. if i was going to wager a guess, i'd say calvin is NOT. we'll have to see though.

Smiths said...

My heart goes out to him, but from a distance. I don't want to scare the cutie. Love him! (I mean I do)

Ashley said...

Oh Asher, I can't wait to see him! I don't know how he could even be your child!

.Ang. said...

Oh Asher,

I know just how you feel! I can relate all too well! I was just like that when I was little.

My parents were worried I didn't talk very much, but then they realized I just didn't talk unless I had something to say.

That is SO great that he is can read!!! He's a genius!!