11 March 2012

When did I get so boring?!

I'm sorry to not have anything interesting to say over the last 2012... ok, maybe not that long, but we have just been home a lot lately due to an injury, an island storm, and now asthma. Ambrose has been having a horrible time breathing and then he had a fever and so he's currently on all sorts of meds and breathers.

Here's an adorably tragic/pitiful/cute image from when we dragged him out of his hacking fit, gasping for air around 9:40PM last night. He pretty much slept for the whole treatment on the couch with his fish mask nebulizer and then we kissed his precious cheeks and put him back up in bed... not before he planted me with a very sloppy kiss right on my lips, gurgled out "I love you Mama," and then rolled right over into the fetal position and kept right on snoozing. Even though it's sad, these little exchanges are sweet and make me feel like I have it under control when I am worried about my wheezing boy.

Am I the only twisted parent who can't help but take a picture of their zonked out child with a fish mask on? I guess it's so sad and so funny and so cute at the same time that it seems like a moment to capture and look back on.

Ambrose and I are home from church today trying to get him better - he's currently building a fort out of couch cushions and grunting, ocassionally coughing, and singing a made-up song to himself, but you can only watch Wonder Pets for so long- because next week is Spring Break and come hail or high water I have plans to get out of this house!

Asher, I should mention, is fit as a fiddle and (as I have already mentioned) is BORED.

Monday- Preparation and shopping for Ambrose's birthday
Tuesday- Honolulu Zoo and possibly Waikiki Aquarium
Wednesday- Bishop Museum with the grandparents
Thursday- Movie theaters (The Lorax)
Friday- I HOPE the beach, but who knows what the weather will do

Anyone is welcome to join us. We are getting out of this house even if we have to bring along the fish mask nebulizer and a whole medicine cabinet of prescriptions!


melissa said...

boring smoring.

Taylor said...

the lorax is precious. i'm sure you and the boys will enjoy it.

laurel said...

Sending love.

Ashley said...

Cute boy! We have the fish mask too, but Lincoln WILL NOT wear it. You would think I was torturing him the way he acts.

sheila said...

Poor Ambrose. I had asthma when I was younger too and then grew out of it. Hopefully it ends up the same for him.

I'm liking your plans for the week. Thursday and Friday look awfully tempting to come tag along. ??