24 April 2012

FHE Family Journal Time

I got to pick out of the jar this week and here's my question:
Answers: Ambrose- I like that our home is so pretty and so colorful!

Thomas- I like that our home is nice and breezy and that it's a happy place.

Stephanie- I love that it's up high in the ulu tree like a tree house and that we are all here together making happy memories.

Asher- Ny Beebee! (Translation- My Baby! He loves his bear he named Baby and we recently made a rule that baby can't leave the house and go everywhere with him so I guess Baby would be the best part about home for him!)

I'm grateful for FHE and the chance it gives us to just be together, in our happy, colorful little tree house, tackling each other during our wild dance parties!


Henke Family said...

i just got all caught up on your past several posts. i have to say I love reading your blog. :) you guys are awesome.

Thomas said...

It's pretty fun to get tackled by Ambrose and Asher.

melissa said...

baby was one of calvin's first words and i loooooove to hear him say it.