19 April 2012

Slow down and enjoy.

Tired Mom voice: "I'm just going to hurry and sing you guys a song tonight ok?"

Ambrose: "No PRAYER?!"

Tired Mom voice: "Yes, prayer after now hush."

Tired Mom voice: *Singing a primary song very quickly so as to get it over with...* Sideways glance-- Ambrose is looking right at his mother and raising his hand... exhausted mother keeps singing and ignores him... halfway through rushed primary song now, homestretch... little earnest look on Ambrose's face and his hand is still raised... tired Mom voice continues to finish up rushed primary song... insistent little hand still irritatingly raised...

Irritated Mom voice: *abrupt interruption in rushed primary song* "WHAT AMBROSE?!"

Ambrose: "Um Mama, you just have the best voice in the whole world. I wanted to tell you that."

Shamed Mom voice: *smile breaks out over the faces of everyone in the room* "Thanks buddy."

Primary song, un-rushed, finishes and a sweet prayer offered. Kids are the absolute best.

They are constantly teaching me to slow down and enjoy.


melissa said...

HA. i don't think my own child could even say that to me. i like that idea of a bedtime song, though. maybe you could record some and send them over to us? calvin wants you to.

star said...

I can totally relate to the rushed primary song! HA! But wow, what a sweet moment! They sure are good at keeping us in check.

Thomas said...