10 April 2012

Some beautiful people.

Winter semester just ended today and as much as I look forward to the end of the semester I always feel a little sad to part with students I have spent so much time with and learned so much about. It's just the cycle of life at a University. I am grateful to get to be a part of their lives for a while. The future is safe with these guys. I love them all- even the ones who drive me nuts!

Here's last semester--
Fall 2011 MWF 3:40PM class:

(We did the final at our house and it was Christmas time- hence the festive decor. AH! I miss Christmas!)

Fall 2011 MWF 5:10PM class:

Those two classes were Eng 101 and we read a varied collection of essays, short stories, and plays revolving around the theme of the shared human experience. Quite a few students from these classes were crazy enough to join me for my Eng 201 class this Winter. I love having repeats.

Winter 2012 MWF 7:30AM class:

Winter 2012 T TH 7:40AM class:

This semester in Eng 201 we studied critical theory and applied them to Into the Wild, Persuasion, Death of a Salesman, The Assistant, and Chocolat. This was my favorite collection of novels so far and I am glad that I decided to change them even if it required more work on my part prep-wise. We talked about theory and composition a lot, but we also did a ton of creative projects. Our final was a service learning project inspired by the impact the main character in our last novel had on the lives around her. I teared up more than once as the students gave their presentations about the impact they had on the lives around them using their talents over the last couple of weeks.

Juggling being a mom and teacher is not always perfect, and some students every once in a while do their best to drive me crazy, but I really can't imagine a more perfect job for me at this stage of my life. I feel like I make a difference and I always learn so much! It is really fun to teach at an LDS University because we can apply gospel principles to what we are studying all the time and so I get to bare my testimony in small ways almost every day. I love that! Academically, I get to challenge my critical thinking skills all the time and teach some of the most interesting and inspiring people I've ever met- from all over the world! I will never stop being grateful for this job or my cool boss who works with my schedule as a mother. Grateful grateful grateful.


Becky said...

You just gave me a pretty good reading list! I've seen most of these movies so the books would be great I'm sure. I'm really into classic novels and books you would read in an english class, haha. I feel like if I'm going to invest my time reading that I want it to have some substance to it! That sounds funny coming from someone who watches 2+ hours of TV a day and likes her naps, lol.

Natalie. said...

You are a real grown up. Congratulations.