10 May 2012

Getting out for FHE

Hey thanks for all the perspective you shared on my last post!  What wise, awesome people I have in my life!  Good reminders all around.  I've got a new game plan.

Just wanted to toss some pictures up here from the last two "Family Home Evenings" we've had together.  Thomas hates the weekend crowds, but I like getting out on adventures anyway.  We all like adventures really- so we came up with a great plan.  We would take a few Mondays out of the month to get out and explore as a family.  We try and do a lesson on the way, during, or after if we get home early enough.

We skip the crowds and head straight to the fun.

Two Mondays ago Thomas met us in Kaneohe after work and we all headed straight to the Waikiki Aquarium.  I LOVE that place.  So much.  We all do!

When the aquarium was about to close we took off to Magic Island for a picnic dinner. It was so fun to explore around there.

Last Monday Thomas took a half-day (He makes his own schedule luckily so he can work in those hours another day- we are so lucky he has a flexible schedule!) and we headed straight to the waterpark after preschool got out!
Since the waterpark is all the way out in Kapolei, I always feel like I have to kill two birds with one stone. I hit-up Costco, or pick-up essentials at Walmart, or pick-up "essentials" at Target. This time it was Target. What a dream.

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