02 June 2012

Another boy!

I couldn't stop laughing when the ultrasound technician pointed to the screen and whispered apologetically, "That's a penis."  I don't think I've ever typed that word before.
I am assuming that she whispered it out of discretion since Ambrose and Asher were in the room, but I guess it's not really a word that you shout in any situation unless you need attention desperately.

Anyway, she was sweet to break it to me gently, but all the boy dreams I had leading up to this ultrasound had prepared me well.  Instead of shouting, "WHAT?!  I won't get a crocheted mermaid tail from my friend Meg after all?! BLAST!" like I thought I would I just laughed and said, "Of course!"

So here's the little darling boy.

His foot:

Double verification that he was in fact a boy... I just had to be sure.  I don't care about annoying people when mermaid tails are on the line.

And his scary little alien face- precious! :)

At this ultrasound she said my due date was Oct 20th - almost a week earlier than we thought!  I will see what my doctor says next week.  Whenever he comes we are ready!  We have all the boy stuff, we can stay in our two-bedroom a lot longer (three boys in one room...it's gonna smell great in there),  and we are good at this whole boy thing... it all feels right.  He is ours and we are half way to meeting him!  Can't wait!


Karina said...

congrats! funny post. you ARE a good boy mom. :) you may get that mermaid tail someday though...

Cammie said...

Congrats! Mermaid tails aside, boys are the best!
We've love having all three boys in a room. More importantly, they love being in a room together.

Alli said...

Wahoo!!!! Watch now you will have a black or a red haired one and you with have the handsomest little crew on the planet!

Meg said...

I'm excited for you!! Boys are so fun, as you know already. I'm so tempted to make one anyway for you to tuck away for the future mermaid/grandmermaid that you may have some day... I get it. I like trees, you like mermaids, I get it. That's what makes life fun, the little things like that.

I'm excited to see pictures of your sweet little boy when he comes!

Jessica F. said...

I vote you still get a mermaid tail for you! I plan on buying myself lots of dolls this time around. Someone needs to be playing with then right?!?


Kacie // A Collection of Passions said...

So funny! He's beautiful. Congrats to you. So glad to have just found your blog.


Anonymous said...

You- Mom

Blair said...

I've missed seeing you on my reader and just wanted to pop in and say 'hi'. Hope all is well with your beautiful family!