06 August 2012


At age 28 with 2.5 kids in tow it has finally hit me that I am in charge.  I guess up until this point we've just been winging it.

The reality check scenario this morning:

7AM I can hear the kids up watching Little Bear or something in the front room but my eyes won't open because they burn so much from lack of sleep due to Ambrose being up in the night a couple of nights ago and the baby in my womb practicing his wild kung-fu insistently each night from about 10PM - 12AM.

Thomas is already gone to work and it's all up to me.

Both boys need to be fed and dressed.  I need to be fed and dressed.  Asher has school at 7:50 and Ambrose is still in the midst of this dang Kindergarten transition so he's going to hang out with Grandma for a bit today while I teach my class.

Lunches need to be made.  People need breakfast.  A notebook needs to be written in.  Did I prepare the quiz for my students today?  Do I have enough clean underwear to get dressed for work today?  Did I remind Asher's teachers I will be picking him up early for his ENT appt?  AH! I need to remember to refill Ambrose's allergy prescription I can hear him sneezing up a storm over there.  When are those library books due again? I still need to find somewhere for Ambrose to play on Wednesday while I teach my class... 

And there's the elementary school bugle ringing through the community to signal the start of the school day. "COME ON ASHER BOY YOU CAN'T CARE WHAT KIND OF SHOES YOU ARE WEARING TODAY!  Slippers- on- now- come on.  Earth to Ambrose! Come on son- we can't watch any cartoons in our jammies during breakfast if you can't get a move on in the morning." Ok, out the door!

I feel like Kindergarten transition is so long and drawn-out, but it strangely feels familiar.  Maybe the last five years have been real adulthood/motherhood transition and I have had plenty of time to get my act together and yet I am still sitting in front of my morning cartoons, with bedhead and jammies, blinking at the responsibility nagging me in the face to get a move on!

We'll get it down.  Right?

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Jonathon Parker said...

hey. me again. sitting in front of my computer, laughing at this post because I feel like this is me. Its one in the afternoon. I haven't gotten dressed and Tex is still running around in underwear, Eden in her jammies, and no one has hair brushed or possibly sleepies wiped out of the corners of our eyes. the house is a mess right now because my Mother in law is out of town, and apparently I am supposed to be the one in charge who keeps it put together? My kids and husband and I have been living off of who knows what for about a week. I think it's about time I grow up. At least for a few days until my mother in law gets back in town. I hope one day I can be as grown up as she is.