19 August 2012

Summer kick-off! (Happy/Sad)

The summer started before we knew it and it was happy and it was sad.

First sad: The Allred family started getting serious about leaving.  We didn't want to believe it was true, but it was.  So of course we had to dress up as.... weird people... and karaoke one last time!

 Happy: Asher visited his long-lost twin brother Chuck-E for his third birthday:

 Happy/sad: A bunch of us girls joined the Allred's on the beach one last time:
 Happy: And ward camp started:
on Spiderman's, I mean Asher's birthday:  (another happy)
 Saddest: We said our final goodbyes:  (All the adults cried.) (Adelaide cheerfully told me she wasn't sad.  She was excited!  I admired her bravery as I sobbed in her face.)
 A little happier: We consoled ourselves at ward camp.  (I might have woken up in the middle of the night just to cry.)

 Happy: But there's nothing like getting your hair done by a good friend to help cheer you up a bit!
 Very, very happy: And the baby continued to grow....
It was an interesting and action packed start to the summer.  Next up: Our summer vacation!

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