31 January 2013

Jonah at 3 months.

Jonah turned three months a week ago, but we took this yesterday. We aren't so sure about this monthly portrait thing. Maybe we'll scale back to just Jonah in the future or maybe we'll forget how insanely hard it is to get these three monkeys to cooperate and try it again next month. How thrilling. We shall see.
I like it though. It's an accurate representation of these three in all their wild, unpredictable, naughty, adorable truth!

Jonah's 3 months stats:
No clue on height and weight, but we go back to the doctor's at 4 months so stay tuned...

He is getting more opinionated. We call him baby "Al" sometimes -- which stands for "Ambrose-lite." He's not quite as crazy as Ambrose was as a baby, but he's definitely not as easy as Asher.

He's had cradle cap for a while and I finally got serious about scrubbing it off yesterday and got most of it removed... along with giant clumps of my sweet baby's awesome hair! BOO! I cried.

He is a champion night sleeper and the more vigilant and protective I am over his day sleeping- the happier he is.

Mama stats:
Can we just briefly discuss how ANNOYING losing weight is? I'm nursing, and nursing a lot at that, and so I am a starving beast and then I need to drop 20lbs while I am at it.

And it's very nice of you to tell me to not worry about it, but I hate these same 6 outfits I have been wearing for the last 8 months. And forget shopping--at this point that would just be self-esteem suicide. I would like to wear my old clothes again someday. I got them out of the attic today, and a few pairs of pants fit... just barely if I work at it. Wah wah, I know. There are real problems in the world.

So, I keep plugging along, making good food choices, trying to get in daily workouts no mater how tired I am, drinking more water, and trying to remain patient while the pounds very, very slowly come off. I guess I should be glad they are coming off...very, very slowly.

*Fun final fact: (read "fun" in a sarcastic tone please) I seem to be losing pounds at almost exactly the same rate that Jonah is gaining them. Ha!

Ok, bye.


Ashley C said...

I just have to say AMEN to the fact that losing weight is annoying. And frustrating. I had my baby 9 months ago. Still have like 10 lbs to lose. Ugh. Hating it.

melissa said...

ah, i like those boys together.

you probably don't want to hear this, but my advice is buy a new pair of jeans. coming from someone who didn't lose weight until i stopped nursing--that is a better boost for the self esteem than squeezing into old pants. at least for me it was.

also--why didn't anyone tell me that not everyone loses weight while they're nursing?? i feel like since i learned that the hard way i have heard other people say it, but no one ever told me before. it was a rude shock.

anyway, seriously, don't stress it. or jonah's awesome hair. :) it will all come back to normal.

melissa said...

ps not that i'm implying that you won't lose it all until you stop nursing, that was just my thing! i just mean if it doesn't come off as you'd planned, despite your healthy routine. you know.

star said...

Just a tip for Jonah's head... our dr. recommended calendula oil. We would put it on Axton's head, leave it on for 30 minutes, then wash/gently scrub it off. Axton loved his nightly head washing and would even fall asleep in the middle of it all. It worked for us.

As for weight, I kind of agree with Melissa on the whole buy a new pair of pants thing. I have what I call my "transition jeans." They are a size bigger than my normal pants, but it's so much better than wearing maternity or totally bursting at the seams of my old jeans. I like to buy myself a new outfit that fits my body "right now" just to feel less frumpy. (The shopping part is a bit depressing, I know) Then I work toward getting into my old pants.

Just remember you have 3 amazing little men, a Tom, and a whole lot of other people who love you no matter what pants you wear.

melissa said...

yes, star agrees! we must be onto something. hahahaha i kill me.

Stephanie said...

I wish we'd be on to more things!! :)