10 June 2013

May Day 2013

Remember our first May Day last year? Here it is. Man May Day is so cute.

This year the boys were so excited. Ambrose practiced his "Korean" dance for weeks leading up to the big day... it's that Gangam style song. With MC Hammer mixed in of course. The kids loved it! I am so impressed with all the talented parents who put hours of their time into these programs. It is all volunteer service and that is amazing! The kids feel so cool and special and have a blast. I vow to actually help out next year.

Asher's preschool group did a cute dance in their own cultural costumes so we dressed that haole as a cowboy. Ambrose's grade represented Korea and it was crazy adorable.

I love this community so so much!

Oh my gosh I forgot Ambrose had that giant mohawk. Who is his mother???????

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