30 July 2013

Jonah at 9 months!

 9 months already!?

 Here's what the big 9-month-old can do:

GET INTO EVERYTHING! And he is never satisfied. If I hold him he wants DOWN so he can get into the dirtiest corner of our house with things he can choke on and he wants to put it all in his mouth at the same time if possible so he can turn around to whine for me to hold him so he can turn around and grunt/leap for the floor to start the process all over again. It is hilarious, but mostly exhausting. :)

He doesn't seem interested in crawling at all since he is very speedy at dragging his chubby legs behind him to get into whatever he wants. I am sure it will happen any day though.

Did I mention he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth? All babies go through that, but this one seems desperate to do so. Frantic even.

He waves now and says, "buh-buh-buh" for bye-bye. It's adorable.

He is a good sleeper, but has started being up for the day earlier. BOO.

He lets out a squeal of worry when his brothers come near. Especially Asher. He has been hugged too tightly for too long too many times. :) He loves to watch them play though and seems eager to grow-up already and join them.

Here's some highlights from the last month with our baby boy:

School starts this Monday and the boys are actually really excited to meet their new teachers, see old teachers and friends, and have all that recess time and the fun that comes along with school. I am excited to get my long days back with Jonah. We have had a good summer, but I learned just how well we all do with the routine of school. Once I recognized our issues and limitations the summer went better so it was a good one overall. Good lessons learned for me and them! I will blog more about the big boys next. Gotta run!

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