08 February 2008

and we're off!

miss you already thomas! love you! see you wednesday night!


Melissa said...

the high temperature in dc tomorrow is supposed to be 56. looks like you'll get to wear a sweater.

Bille said...

Oh you are so lucky to be going to the DC temple, it is really such a beautiful place. Have a wonderful time!

Emily said...

Lucky! P.S. For the record, I know your name, but I must have been thinking about my sister-in-law's last name. Duh. Pregnancy is a b. Have fun in D.C.

www.trailbrain.com said...

hey there! Speaking of traveling Chrissy and I have our dates for Hawaii. We'll be there from the 6th thru the 13th of March and would love to spend that weekend with you guys.

I keep loosing your email address & phone number (thank goodness for blogs!). Give us a jingle or an email:


dianaz said...

i want you to have a great time. but perhaps even more, i want you to come back with tons of cool lomo recordage of lovely megan and the whole event.

Ali Flegal said...

Reunions are so romantic, I think. Maybe I'll go spend a few nights at my Mom's house so I can attempt to create the type of moment when you see Thomas again... Valentine's day must be this week.

Have a GREAT trip!

Luisa & Marc said...

Have fun in D.C. Steph! I went there for the first time a couple summers ago...and it is such a cool city--