22 March 2008

boo. false alarm.

i am still working. my boss doesnt want me to quit since the billing may be taken over by a computer system in may or june (i will be surprised with a capital s if it actually happens that soon). i have promised to stay on as billing slave until then instead of training someone who will only work for a couple of months. i am sad. but hey, i guess a few more months of a nice pay check wont hurt. that is honestly the only silver lining. it is hard to work all day (chasing, feeding, changing diapers, humoring, figuring out a demanding baby boy) and then go to work into the night. i feel like i have two full time jobs.

so, i just finished another late night round. one more tomorrow night and then a few days rest until the big mama starts up again on the first.

at least i have a kitchen/front room to work in now instead of a dimly lit corner in our studio. also, mr. ira glass with his wit and charm have been keeping my mind from crashing and burning as i catch up on past episodes of this american life while working on the old laptop.

things could be worse, but i am burnt out and tired. i feel like i am a student all over again at the end of my senior project that keeps repeating it's messy, crazy self every single month.

wah wah wah :) good nite.


lizzie said...

I'm so sorry! You'll make it through, I promise. Another possible bright side: if you go to grad school you will be extremely well prepared. Honestly, it sounds harder than grad school to me. At least at this point in my experience.

star said...

You can do it Stephanie!!! Hang in there. You're da bomb! Remember that. hahaha!

Brady and Rachel said...

What a bummer! Hang in there, hopefully you'll be done sooner rather than later.

theJorgies said...

crummy ... not really much else to say, just crummy.