29 August 2008

naps are usually a very good thing

ambrose usually takes a nap at 9:30ish for around an hour and then 3ish for around an hour as well.

i really enjoy this fact, but it is becoming a problem.

we have preschool next week from 9am-11am which is when his nap is and then, for example, today we went to the weekly mommy/baby beach day.

it was at 9:30am, but i was thinking that he will just have fun like he always does and get distracted and then just take a long nap after.

well he did have fun and he did take a long nap after, but he also had like 6 random i'm-unbelievably-tired meltdowns at the beach group.

he was out for the count as soon as we were on the road coming home from the beach pretty much.

i'm kinda interested to see how preschool goes next week in light of this fact.

it might be a disaster.

most kids i know dont have this kind of nap schedule. many of the babies we know take one long nap in the middle of the day. i guess (hope) he'll just adjust and it will be fine. we'll find out soon i guess.


Ali Flegal said...

I LOVE that you get to go to pre-school with him. I would love a Mommy/Eliza outing each week. Tonight, at Wal-mart, Andrew took Henry around in a cart so I had some serious girl time with Eliza as we shopped... it was a simple thing, but it felt so good to focus on the two of us... (does somebody have a tissue, I'm starting to tear up here).

Anyway, keep us updated on the fun things you two do.

boo face mcjones said...

so, i don't want to state the obvious or anything, but all of those pictures of baby ambrose made me realize that he is looking more and more like a BOY every day and less and less like a baby. he'll probably be through puberty by the time i get to actually meet him...

liko said...

i love all your pictures!!! i especially love the napping-with-mom-or-dad ones!! i, too, was dreading the preschool/napping schedule with my daughter, faith. she usually napped at about 3ish in the afternoon and her preschool schedule had naptime at 12:30ish. she actually adjusted pretty quickly, to her whole preschool deal. they had a structured schedule, unlike me at home with the 2 kids. she has been going to school for about 3 weeks now and naps when she is supposed to. it's great. i'm sure ambrose will adjust fine. and i never even realized he was having breakdowns at the beach. except when he realized you were gone when you went to the bathroom, but that was valid on his part. haha, oh, and next beach day we i will have a picture of you and ambrose on my post. you guys gonna make it? with his preschool starting?? hope so! good luck on the 5k, um, i think i'll be for sure in for the next one.

In.A.Nutshell said...

well my fellow namesake, i just ate up all the pics of sleeping amby. how beautiful is a sleeping baby ... sigh.

addi just recently switched from one long morning-ish nap to one long afternoon nap (per my request). i bet it will work-out so smoothly and perfectly for you.

and you my friend have inspired me to return to the world of ho'ala na pua. see ya tuesday!

Roeckers said...

My kids usually kick that habit before their first birthday! I am lucky now if Daniel take one nap a week, and Rainey takes a 90-120 minute nap every after noon.

I am sure it will take some time to adjust but he will get used to it. good luck with the adjustment phase. I am so jealous you have gone this long with two naps a day!!

Matt & Mindy said...

I love all the pictures! Why is it we feel compelled to take pictures whenever the baby is sleeping? I have a ton of Jack--every time he falls asleep in a new position or a different place my first thought is to go get the camera.

Matti said...

So sweet when they sleep. I can't believe how many sleeping photos you have of him. Such a good mommy you are.

Emily said...

If he is like Grant, he'll love playing with the kids so much that he will forget that he is tired and totally CRASH in the car on the way home... then he take two naps back-to-back! Yeay! Good luck!

Devin and Shira said...

Those napping pictures of Ambrose are adorable!!! He is such a cutie! You need to come to the next craft night we do...I'll let you know next time I hear of us doing one!

Melissa said...

wow you guys have awesome pictures of this boy!! I think he'll sdjust. i was worried too wehn we started but it turned out well. She just napped right after class.