01 September 2008

out and about all weekend

did you know that ambrose is a really good dancer?

did you know that i can run in a race?

did you know that upstanding youth finished their fourth AMAZING album and we got to hear it from start to finish?

did you know that thomas, demitri, adam, marc, tim and aaron are musical geniuses? and that i am proud of them and love them like family too?

did you know that erin hawley visited?

did you know that she is as silly and gorgeous as ever?

did you know that going to sunset beach twice in one weekend is fun?

did you know that sunday back yard bbq ribs with my landlords are the best?

well, it's all true.


modestmuse said...

mmmm, your neighbor's bbq ribs. My mouth is actually, literally watering. And more deets about the race, please! Glad to hear you had a nice weekend.

Melissa said...

yes, more details about the race...please.
Hope it was lots of fun!

liko said...

sounds like a busy, fun-filled weekend! did you run the whole thing?? go stephanie!!!

echo said...

what a lovely weekend. the album rocked my socks off

ashley said...

good job on the race! i want to see some video of the dancing. i think we need to get a big empty room and have some fun dancing music and toss all the kids in it and video, i am sure we would all pee our pants laughing.

diana palmer said...

well no no no. where are my red faced pictures? i'm so proud of you for doing that race. in a way 5K's are harder. seriously, there's more pressure to be fast...the two i've ran have been finished with me uttering a deathwish.

you sure know how to keep fun and busy. and booh yeah uy!!!!!

Emily said...

pics of erin's visit, please

boo face mcjones said...

what a thrilling weekend! this is why i never blog about my life. it always seems so lame in comparison.