27 August 2008

oh my people

3 miles is a very big deal!

unless you are a marathon runner and then it's nothin'.

but i'm not a marathon runner, so it's somethin'.

good job to everyone who even tries. getting my big bum out of bed, off the couch, and into some running clothes can be hard sometimes.

good job to those who don't even try too. way to keep it real. :)


Melissa said...

okay so I thought it was this monday and realized I couldn't go. then I found out it is next monday, right?

so are we driving together, the lot of us? and are your husbands going, or is it a meet-you-there kind of thing?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh no you had it right- it's this monday- comin right on up!

so sad you cant do it- but dont feel bad- no one can. too soon for everyone.

i'm doin it though! me and thomas and amby are driving out in the early morn on monday and they are cheering me on from the sidelines and will meet me at the finish.

i'll get on posting the details of the next one as soon as the lady in charge calls me back to give me details. a bunch of people said they wanted to do that one- but even if no one does i will be doing it, so you know...

Emily said...

I wish I wish I wish I could do something like this with you! Maybe next summer we could pick a marathon to do together? I've worked myself up to 3 miles a day and YES, it is a VERY big deal! A race in Hawaii would be very motivating!!! p.s. your bangs are the bomb.

diana palmer said...

3 miles IS a big deal. and i'm so proud of you. way to make it happen. can't wait to hear how it goes for you. imagine ambrose all excited and smiley to see you at the end....best feeling ever.

modestmuse said...

Good for you! The biggest part IS getting from bed to dressed and out the door -- the rest just happens. Good luck with your training! And with Ambrose's big day on Tues.!