26 August 2008

first race info: mon. sept. 1st!! (coming on up)

Or first walk info if that's what you prefer because you can register as either.

so, echo, melissa, liko, anna, and any others who want/can:

Click Here

go to that site and register if you want to do it. i just signed up as an individual runner, but if you're feeling motivated, hey, go ahead and raise funds for recovery in hawaii! ;)

the race is on monday sept. 1st (it's a holiday) at 7am and is a 5k- not too bad. the day of the race, check-in is from 6am-6:45am at Manoa Valley District Park and the race starts at 7am.

after you register online, go to "event information" on the left side of the page to see where you can go to pick up your info packet. there are various places on each day leading up to the race starting with thursday so there should be a day that fits your schedule. i might make it a family affair and head over on saturday to kailua fleet sports.

anyway, hope you can do it and if not there is always next time. but you'll miss out on the uber cool free t-shirt.;) happy trails.


ashley said...

monday as in a few days??? hmm, maybe the next one for me. bue and we can be a team and make tie-tyed shirts to show up in for that one?!? (that last part was a joke, promise.)

oh, and i think that comment you just left me is one of my favorite all time comments. go you.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

next time for sure then- but uh- i WANT to wear the matching tie-dyed shirts... no joke. :)

ya know, this is only like a 3 mile run... you can do it - everyone is just gonna go at their own pace and then meet up at the end! (do it!) ;)

melissa said...

i waas going to comment on how you inspired me to look up cache valley races (again), but with your last comment i've decided instead to deride you for becoming one of those people who say ONLY THREE MILES, like that's nothing. it's hard for some of us! :) loves.

Kahilau said...

You go girl! What a great thing. I will have to look them up here in Provo, I am sure there are tons! Maybe I'm better off just not knowing so I have some excuse for not walking 3 MILES!!!! Way to go!

liko said...

yeah, okay, so next monday...i am hitting the treadmill NOW!!! yeah, we should have a tie-dye day and then wear our shirts for the next one -- it'll be fun and we can take some neat-o pictures!!! last time i did tie-dye was in 6th grade, but i think they are making a come-back...oh, and the sign-up in kailua -- is it on saturday or sunday??

Keoni and Sheila said...

I just saw the clip of ambrose on the uke. He made me smile. I can't believe how big he is getting- so fast.

Good luck on the fun, it looks fun.

Keoni and Sheila said...

hahaha, I meant to say run, not fun. Good luck on the run.

The Cutlers said...

I am so sad you said 3 miles... no big deal. I am doing a 5k on the 13th and want to die at the thought of running 3 whole miles? I have been training for weeks and still can't. I am a fat, mother of 4 with stretch marks LOSER! That will be fun for you though!!! :)