07 August 2008

this is why i have been gone

hey all.

we are still in bakersfield, california and i must say i am enjoying myself. the cool thing about getting older is that when you come home and feel that inevitible avoident feeling everytime you go somewhere that you might see someone you know... you usually dont. i dont know anyone in this town anymore. it grows so much everytime i leave- it's huge. anyway, i like not seeing people i know because there is only a short list of people i used to know who are worth seeing... that was rude. :) (but true? hmmm...) i did, however, run into the ever delightful matt decarlo and his charming girlfriend in target and that was awesome. and lunch with the haworths was muy bueno to say the least.

megan datchler- if you are reading this- i need to call you tomorrow- or call me!'

other than that, i tell you, this has been the vacation to top all vacations.

perhaps i should write a highlights list and then later when i am home and sorting through photos and editing you will get the visual onslaught that you have come to expect from us (we cant sneeze without taking a photo of it).


we started at the newport beach coast villas resort for a week: beach, beach, beach, villas, 3 pools, 2 hot tubs, playground, kids cove, putting green, basketball/tennis courts, activities...etc. it was nice. next reunion i am definitely going to get up off my behind and do the yoga class and go to the spa!

we saw the dark knight.

we bought a tent, tube, rocket toy hanger, train set, and bear for amby in ikea.

we relaxed big time.

and the best part: we went to Disneyland! i want to go again and again - ambrose was in heaven. it was the most fun day i have had... in a long time.

then on to Bakersfield: we have been swimming, spending lots of time with family, shopping, i devoured breaking dawn every chance i got, going on dates, taking advantge of lots of extra babysitters and enjoying long periods of quality time as a family.

i think everyone should get a trip like this- it has been so nice to reconnect with everyone and as our own little family.

and shout out to t-mass: i have only gotten up with ambrose three times the whole vacation- i slept in nearly every day of this trip- now that is my kind of vacation!

so- after all of this bliss, we are finally starting to feel like we could stomach getting back to work and real life next week- I guess every good thing has to come to an end sometime- and oh yeah- we have bills to pay.

right now thomas is in utah for a brief, bittersweet visit with family as they honor the life of one of my favorite people, grandpa carl olson. thomas' grandpa was such a sweet, quiet, righteous, dignified, and loving person who we are sad to see go but happy of course that he is relieved from pain and suffering now. he sealed us in the san diego temple and ambrose's middle name is carl to honor him- we love him and will miss him very much, but are happy for him.

so, so much happening and so much love packed into three weeks. talk to you when we get back. aloha.


theJorgies said...

miss ya.

Marc said...

can't wait to hear all of your great stories! we miss you tons. we need to have a big fat breaking dawn discussion.

echoallred said...

obviously, that was me and not marc. i am sure marc would NOT want to have or hear any more discussion of that subject.
your vacation sounds great. so jealous.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

haha! at first i thought, oh cool! marc commented on my blog- im honored! :) and then i was like... marc wants to talk about breaking dawn??? wait a tick...

haha- well, i am equally honored to have a comment by you dear friend! :)

ashley said...

sounds lovely.

why is there not ikea out here? and a d-land too for that matter?

Anna K. said...

I'm excited to hang when you guys get back!

diana palmer said...

ahhhh thanks for not making us wait until you're officially back for a little post. after more than a year of faithfully reading details about your life, i was starting to feel a little lost.

as always, you have such a good, bright perspective on life that is a delight to read.

p.s. i didn't realize thomas's grandpa is the one who sealed you, though I'm sure you told me once upon a time. nice to hear about ambrose's namesake.

Bille said...

i wish northern californian and southern california were closer together. Sniff...

Emily said...

great. Now can you zip on over to Ohio to see me? K, see you in a minute.