11 August 2008

real quick like

darcie sanders is cool. and she tagged me. and i dont generally enjoy tags, but i enjoy her. if we occupied the same town, i think i would be her musical fan and hope some of that natural talent rubbed off on me. emily patterson is also naturally musical and crafty and she also tagged me so i will comply with her requests as well. emily's involves photos though, so i will do it when we get back in a few days.

here is darcies- you can find her link on the side of the blog under" sanders family.

6 random facts about myself:
1. i start out every day on a diet. then i see a brownie or a piece of cake and change my mind.

2. my legs itch all the time.

3. i planned to get pregnant this summer... the summer came and is about to leave and i havent gotten around to it... i guess i dont feel ready. so i told myself "in the fall perhaps..." but as that time arrives, i find myself thinking, "what better new year resolution than embarking on another journey into motherhood??" my child is active and crazy, making it hard to phathom having another one. he is also funny and charming and adorable, making it hard to phathom dividing my attention and having another best friend to share the love with...

4. if there were a trader joes in hawaii my family would only eat varieis of hummus, drink sparkling blueberry juice, and dessert on soy dream and organic truffles... good thing tamuras keeps us gritty and processed.

5. despite having a blog full of me, me , ME! it is surprisingly hard to think of six random facts about myself.

6. i like having ambrose as an excuse to watch PBS kids all day long, go trick-or-treating, get into every other holliday with child-like gusto, leave sunday school to roam the halls, and get out of many-a awkward social gatehring, boring event, and undesirable task.

POW! did it:) i dont think i'll tag anyone else for fear of rejection, but i will say- write soemthin' interesting about yourself if you feel so inclined. blogs are like People magazine, everyone's just dying to know!


Melissa said...

you have made me laugh, merci beaucoup

theJorgies said...

hi steph! boy we miss you and your itchy legs in these hau'ula parts.

addi's bday partAY is this saturday ... are you going to be back by this saturday? if yes, hop on over to our place around 10:30 for free food and water fun.

and the pic on my blog is the styrofoam which encased our MacBook Pro. i thought it was so pretty :)

AJ said...

Hello There,
Here is a tutorial for the crayon roll. They are fairly easy and perfect for church! You should make a few and then sell the because I guarantee people will be fighting over them during sacrament. j/k I hope not.

Yeah for your being at home and enjoying some time away from da island. Hope you enjoy it!

AJ said...

wow, i forgot to post the link.
here it is:

lizzie said...

A random fact about me: I wish I could be Stephanie Robertson. More especially, I wish I could be as direct and open about my pregnancy plans as Stephanie Robertson because it is always on my mind. (her plans and mine. mostly mine.) (hahaha).

Melissa said...

why are your legs always itchy!? how strange and uncomfortable. poor itchy legs.

I LOVE Trader Joe's and every time I go to california to visit my family, I make a plan about how I'm going to convince the owners, or share holders, or whoever I have to convince, to move to hawaii. that would be perfection: hawaii plus trader joe's.

I feel the same way about the baby stuff as you. I personally am not in any rush to make my life any harder than it is already. It's not too tough right now, yeah I have a crazy child, but she's so fun and well...crazy and I love it. I'm not in any rush.

well let's hang out when you get back. I think it's about time we took our relationship to the next level. wink, wink. haha! just kidding. we just need to hang out more than we currently do.

Becky said...

i wholeheartedly agree with you on number 6. =)

boo face mcjones said...

i am also not a huge fan of "taggings," but i enjoyed this immensely.

darcie said...

kjell has managed to get me out of many an event. thank you for complying. i know tagging can weaken the quality of a blog, but i think this increased yours. you're welcome. ps-remember when we went out to eat for marty's birthday and my mom kept calling our waiter thomas? and we're all like, "mom his name is jonathon." and she said, "who's thomas?" at least that's how i remember it.

darcie said...

and by jonathon i don't mean jonathan. it's like a marathon but it's non-stop jon.

modestmuse said...

Wow, these folks in the uniforms are so cute!

Anyway, you DEFinitely have to be in on the Jan. 1 contest then!!

What I really don't get about Trader Joes is the whole Hawaiian theme, Hawaii wall murals and Aloha shirts, but no stores on the island. Weird. I also think I'm the only one on the planet who doesn't love the place, I think for that reason. I just don't trust them.

Emily said...

If you really want to "not-diet", try adding a chocolate pudding mix and a cup of sour cream to your chocolate cake mix. no need for frosting. Oh so worth it.

ashley said...

blogs are like people mag, that is so funny!

ok, here is my two cents...having 2 close together is great. it is full of moments that will drive you crazy, but it is also full of moments that make you fall crazy in love with such funny little humans. and surprisingly, at times it is easier with two than one. if that makes any sense....

and every day i wish there was a trader joes here. their stores are all hawaiian themed so why don't they have them here?